A Tribal Council Twist, And The Final Jury Is In Our Midst.

<strong>A Tribal Council Twist, And The Final Jury Is In Our Midst.</strong>

We were at our final four with George, Matt, Gerry and Liz, after George’s swing vote sent Nina to the Jury. However, all was not well between long-time allies Liz and George, after George crossed Liz for the second time. But with the title of Sole Survivor in mind, they made amends, and George was then playing both sides with the trio alliance of him, Gerry and Matt, and also with his apparent bestie, Liz.

At the Challenge, they discovered that Immunity was not up for grabs. Instead, they would be playing for an extra vote at Tribal Council. Matt took out the win, but then… cue the twist! Host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed that they would not be voting out anyone from the tribe tonight, and instead they would be voting for a member of the Jury to go home. With this, he revealed that there would be a final three pitching to the Jury.

Back at camp, the tribe heavily considered their options. Nina and Simon’s name were floating around, with George and Liz trying to convince the group to vote for Simon. Matt was very much aware he just needed one more vote with his double vote to take someone out, and his eyes were on Shonee. He also contemplated taking George out tomorrow. Gerry was left to make the impossible decision of either going with George and voting for Simon, or vote for Shonee and staying true to Matt. 

At Tribal Council, the Jury discovered the news. The tribe discussed the stakes and Gerry revealed that there was still a decision to be made. George checked in with him that he was still voting for Simon, and Gerry told him that he was concerned about the girls voting for Liz at the final Tribal Council. George claimed that Liz would not be in the final Tribal Council, and he was voting for Simon.

Matt used his two votes to vote for Shonee, and Gerry voted for her too. Liz stuck to the Simon vote and when it came time for George to vote, he did not hesitate to spell out Shonee’s name. Shonee was voted off the Jury and a shocked Liz suspected George, asking him and getting no answer.

With the endgame near, the final four know how critical their gameplay is. It all ends tomorrow night.


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