MAFS Family and Friends Week Continues

As Family and Friends Week continues, the original couples are preparing to meet with their loved ones, who have travelled from all over to check in.

Ollie and Tahnee are excited to be catching up with their family and friends, who are thrilled to see the couple revelling in the same happiness they witnessed on their wedding day, but the nerves are setting in for Lyndall and Cameron as they await the arrival of their parents. Cameron’s struggles to show affection came to a head during an ill-fated Facetime call from Lyndall’s mum last week, who is sheepish heading into today’s family catch up, but keen to help resolve the issue. However, Cameron is struggling to let it go, and after his mum voices her opinion on the matter, the couple lock horns once more.

Bronte and Harrison are eager to prove to their loved ones that they are back on track after their drama-filled wedding day, but Bronte’s protective younger sister, Kirra is still concerned about Harrison’s intentions after learning of further alarming behaviour exhibited by him in recent weeks.

Melinda and Layton are open about their communication struggles. Their families offer up advice for the couple and tough questions are asked about where they see their future beyond the experiment. While the fallout of Sandy and Dan’s uncomfortable family lunch yesterday continues, Dan distances himself from the relationship. Sandy is left feeling vulnerable and confused, leaning on fellow bride Claire for support and advice.

Inspired by her father’s words of wisdom during their catch up yesterday, Claire sets out on a mission to win back Jesse’s trust.

As the episode comes to a close, a pocket dial during a boy’s night out rocks the experiment and could spell the end for one of the couples.


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