Flick Gets The Flick

Being sole Survivor is now but a pipe dream for big wave surfer Flick, who was cast away on tonight’s gnarly episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

At last night’s Tribal Council, much to the surprise of the OG Heroes, Hayley, Matt and Simon jumped ship and were now working with King George. On return to camp, Matt named this new alliance, The Vigilantes, which was a slap in the face to his old ally Nina who had pitched this as a name for the newly merged tribe.

Liz was furious after discovering it was Flick who instigated votes on her BFF Shonee, deciding that Flick should be the next to go home. Flick knew her days were numbered unless she could find an Idol or win the next Immunity Challenge. Meanwhile, the remaining OG heroes Sam, Shaun and Nina could see the numbers were not on their side.

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribe’s endurance was put to the test, but Liz held tight, winning Immunity. 

As Flick desperately searched for an Idol, Shaun still had an Idol no-one knew about. The internal debate began as to whether he should play his Idol for himself or for his mate, Flick.  

At Tribal Council, the Vigilantes took great delight in rubbing their newfound power into the minority of four.  The votes were cast and with Shaun choosing to not play his Idol, Flick was eliminated, making her the first Jury member. 


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