Madam Secretary August 5

Madam Secretary August 5

Tomoroow’s Madam Secretary finale is not to be missed by fans of the show.

Picking up where last week’s episode left off with Juliet in custody and refusing to cooperate with the FBI, her fate looks set to be put to death. When Elizabeth confronts her, she flashes back to when then- CIA Director Dalton offered her a job that would have changed the course of her life.  That’s not Elizabeth’s only  crisis through out the hour as she’s forced to  appear before a Senate Investigation Committee for her administrations involvement in the attempt to overthrow the government in Iran.   Meanwhile Stevie and Harrison begin a relationship that will have consequences for everyone involed.

Hopefully Ten will fastrack season two to our screens but their’s no word on that just yet

Madam Secretary airs 8:30 PM Wednesday on Ten


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