A dount showdown is coming to Foxtel

A dount showdown is coming to Foxtel

A show all about donuts count me in.

Next week Foxtel begins a new cooking show called Donut Showdown  that is so delicious it left me wanting more

Donut Showdown is a competition show that takes the iconic donut to epic heights. Each episode of Donut Showdown showcases three of the best pastry chefs from across the nation as they test their creativity in the kitchen. The first round of competition begins with a test in creating a batch of donuts using bizarre and top-secret ingredients. Three expert judges will get to devour and critique each creation on taste, presentation and creativity; the weakest donut (and its competitor) are kicked out of the competition.

The remaining two contenders must now make a monster batch that’s based on a theme (dictated by the judges). Just one competitor will taste sweet victory, leaving with bragging rights and a $10,000 prize.

Donut Showdown begins Friday August 14 on LifeStyle Food