Madaline evicted as Top 6 are named and finale locked in

Madaline evicted as Top 6 are named and finale locked in

Last night saw the expected eviction of Madaline from the Big Brother house.

Madaline’s hopes of being the first Intruder to win Big Brother were shattered after the Australian public voted her out of the House, with only (11%) of votes in comparison to Boog (37%) and Jade (52%).

Madaline said to Sonia on stage, “I did see this coming, of course I’m sad to leave but I’m not surprised.

“Jade’s been in there for a while… she’s a beautiful girl, so lovely… It’s a picture perfect romance with Ed, she’s interesting to watch and I can totally understand why people want to watch her.

Regarding ex-Intruder Housemate Boog, Madaline said, “We have a very different sense of humour. We didn’t want to talk about the same things, we really had very little in common.”

Tonight the 6 reaming housemates Boog, Drew, Ed, Jade, Tahan and Tim. will get a vist from their loved ones who will nominate on their behalf.

With a sold out finale scheduled for November 6 the game has entered  it’s final phase.



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