60 Minutes October 27

60 Minutes October 27

One Direction and Tom Carroll make an appearance on 60 Minutes.

Wipe Out
Tom Carroll is a living legend. A former world champion who redefined surfing and even today chases the biggest waves on the planet. But what few of his fans realise, it’s not massive surf that threatens to wipeout Tom Carroll, rather a long term, life threatening battle with drugs. Now, Tom is coming clean. It’s a story of triumph, heartbreak and addiction. On 60 Minutes, Tom Carroll talks openly about the drug that nearly cost him his life, his ongoing battle to stay clean and the shocking family secret that would ironically help save him.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Nick Greenaway

Great Migration
It’s the greatest movement of animals on the planet – one and a half million wilderbeest, migrating through some of Africa’s most stunning wilderness. The epic journey covers three thousand kilometres, as the animals chase the rain through Tanzania into Kenya. Also on the track, hundreds of thousands of zebras, gazelles and antelopes. And lying in wait, armies of predators – big cats and even bigger crocodiles that depend on this once-a-year bonanza. Of all nature’s spectacles, it’s the one Ray Martin has been longing to witness and the incredible pictures he captured won’t leave you disappointed.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Gareth Harvey

One Direction
Right now, One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Thrown together on a TV talent show, they’ve achieved more than anyone, least of all themselves, may have ever imagined. These five young men, clean-cut and professional, have become one of the world’s most successful acts since their inception 3 years ago. Their continued success depends on them living a scandal-free existence – wholesome role models worthy of teenage girl hysteria.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Steven Burling

8pm Sunday on Nine.