Luxe Listings Sydney Review

Luxe Listings Sydney Review

Today Amazon get backs into the real estate market game with Luxe Listings Sydney.

When we begin this series, it’s clear that this is a different view of a world most of us will never be able to buy into. We follow renowned real estate agents Gavin Rubinstein, the fast-talking and slick founder of The Rubenstein Group who is available to his clients 24/7; D’Leanne Lewis, who’s been in the game since his early 20s; and Simon Cohen, a buyer’s agent who’s the co-found of the largest property buyer’s agency in Australia, Cohen Handler.

All three are at the top of their game in the Sydney real estate market and it certainly shows as we are taken to $10million homes that we can only dream about purchasing. Throughout the six 1-hour episodes, we follow these agents as they give us an insight into the highs and lows of buying and selling high-end real estate.

There are a stack of things to love about this series, from the incredible houses, one of which has $55million price tag, to the glimpse into the personal lives of our real estate agents, like D’Leanne hiring a new intern and Simon taking his associate, Tammy, to a family dinner.

There are competitive clashes as all three try to secure what they want, and as a series goes, the casting was key. They deliver a compelling series that is hard to look away from.

3.5 Stars

Luxe Listings Sydney is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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