Lisa Curry Farewells the jungle

Last night the jungle lost another camp mate as the finale edges closer.

Just under six weeks ago, Lisa left life’s luxuries behind to enter the jungle and embark upon a journey into the unknown.

During her time in camp, Lisa’s role evolved into that of motivator and personal trainer. Her maternal instincts were valued by her peers and she formed strong friendships with Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Keira Maguire and Tegan Martin.

With plenty of time of their hands, Lisa shared her love of crochet with the camp and taught her fellow campmates a new craft. Her skills were put to the test when she intricately stitched a birthday present for Dane Swan, complete with a secret pocket containing contraband Vegemite.
Never afraid to speak her mind, Lisa took on a feisty Tom Arnold, as he ranted and raved about camp food rations. After trying to reason with him, she ended the conversation with the line “suck it up, buttercup”, much to the delight of her fellow campmates.

In a moving episode of Steve Price’s Jungle Radio, Lisa revealed that her love of swimming came from a desire to escape from her home environment where she was exposed to domestic violence.

During her time in the jungle, Lisa took part in nine Tucker Trials, conquered her morbid fear of spiders and ate an impala’s anus on Tucker Chewsday.

Just under two weeks ago Lisa had a meltdown, breaking down in tears in camp. Comforted by Nat, she was able to find joy and a renewed stamina when she spoke of her impending wedding, revealing that she was still to find a dress, set a date and get a divorce.

When messages from home were delivered into camp, Lisa’s spirits were buoyed and she re-discovered her strength.

Her leadership and her care for others made her a much-loved campmate and her presence will leave a lasting impression on camp.