House Rules undergoes makeover with new judge

The upcoming season of House Rules will be a little different with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, and Australian architect and builder Drew Heath joining the series.

Nobody understands furnishings, fabrics and fashion more than our flamboyant judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Born with an innate instinct for colours, trends, textures and design, his ability to unleash endless possibilities in any home is second to none. 


Laurence, not subtle in his taste, or opinions features for the first time on Australian free to air TV excited to pass on his highly sought-after expertise whilst unearthing contestants’ talents for working with colour, light and texture.


On joining HOUSE RULES, Laurence says:  “I’m incredibly passionate about encouraging Australians to discover the potential within their own home. I do have a reputation for being quite tough… and that’s putting it mildly, but when people are just creating show rooms for the hell of it they’re not creating their dream home. I feel we all have the ability to unveil the hidden magic in which we reside.”

Drew Heath started his architecture business in 1996, specialising in organic handmade and handcrafted building designs. Drew has won numerous awards for his buildings which have an aura of calm and raw understated elegance. His buildings are influenced by his love of nature, creating a sense of well-being and calm. ption of a few appearances connected to his work.

House Rules is an exciting opportunity for me to do something completely different. I see the house as the most important place for our well-being so it will be interesting and difficult to judge others as it makes you think about your own principles. I look forward to being inspired by the teams who come from all walks of life.”

Laurence and Drew will join host Johanna Griggs,  judge Wendy Moore and design expert Carolyn Burns-McCrave later this year.