Lie With Me Review

Lie With Me Review
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This week, 10 unveils its next Australia drama in the form of Lie With Me.

When we open on Lie With Me, there’s a body bag, an evidence bag, a shiny bracelet, a watery grave, and a woman at the police station being questioned about how she knew the deceased. It’s a simple hook that works well.

After the opening titles roll, we flashback to five weeks earlier where we meet the Fallmont family, consisting of lawyer Jake (Brett Tucker, Neighbours), his wife Anna (Charlie Brooks, Eastenders), and their two rugrats Olivia and Grace.

With both heading to work, they hire Becky Hart (Phoebe Roberts, Glitch), who makes quite an impression on her first day.

It quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t as rosy as they should be for the Fallmont’s. The family have moved all the way from London to Melbourne due to Jake’s infidelity, which he denies, and Anna may not be the most credible source as she throws her bottle of medication out the window.

Anna’s old insecurities rise again when she finds some jewellery, but is Jake really cheating on her with his secretary Caroline (Isbella Giovinazzo, Playing To Keeps)? Or is there a simple explanation

But more importantly, who is in the body bag?

The four-part series, created by Jason Herbison (Neighbours, has an interesting premise, and writer Anthony Ellis (Packed To The Rafters) lays the groundwork with intriguing dynamics at play.

Charlie Brooks gives a captivating performance as Anna’s mind starts to wander, meanwhile, Phoebe Roberts is delightful as Becky.

An intriguing drama that will keep you engrossed and waiting for more.

4.5 Stars

Lie With Me premieres at 8:30pm Wednesday on 10.


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