let’s talk about the Wake Up and Studio 10 launch

let’s talk about the Wake Up and Studio 10 launch

Ten offered up its morning shows today and well it was in part a mixture of results.

I woke up this morning giving myself a task and that was to write a mostly positive piece on both shows but unfortunately for Wake Up that won’t be occurring. I had been an avid Sunrise viewer since I was 15 (7 years or so)  but then Mel left the show and my interest dropped severely – to the point where I was working or catching up on the TV from the night before or sneaking ahead writing out stories for the site.

I had decided that I would watch Wake Up from the get go but the end product needs a few tweaks.The hosts were great, yes they had a few problems but I am willing to put that down to first day nerves. The one thing Wake Up promised was local news and while that’s a positive point of difference I think we need some form of national bulletin with local stories every so often . The weather also lacks any actual information if you don’t live in a capital or close to one.

The backdrop of the beach was a stroke of brilliance as are the hosting team. It was a good start – it just needs to cut down the discussion topics and provide a more well-rounded news service so that we know what is going on around Australia and the world.

Ten followed Wake Up with  Studio 10 – a sort of a cross between The view and The Circle. They discussed a range of topics with the hosts at ease with each other. It was refreshing and engaging too see. There was nothing wrong with the show at all. The fact that advertorials were live made the show even more enjoyable.

While there were a few problems with Wake Up both shows with time could be a force to be reckoned with in the breakfast television landscape.

Wake Up airs Mon-Fri 6:30am on Ch10.
Studio 10 airs Mon-Fri 8:30am, Ch10.



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