Lego Masters What’s In Store

Lego Masters What’s In Store

At the halfway point of the series, LEGO® Masters is teaming up with K-Mart and creating teams of four to build a visual spectacular that will be displayed in a real-life K-Mart Store. 

As winners of the Big Brick, Peter and Ida must select one international team to be paired with one Australian team. They choose to work with Ben and Eric. They pair Felix and Annalena with Charlie and Haley, which leaves Krystle and Michelle with Shane and Dianne.

3 Teams:

1. Peter, Ida, Ben, Eric – Denmakr & Australia

2. Felix, Annalena, Charlie, Haley – Germany & Australia

3. Krystle, Michelle, Shane, Dianne – USA & Australia

The teams have a total of eight hours to create a build that will grab everyone’s attention and hold it – that is the key for today’s brief.   There are two Big Bricks up for grabs today, which means two teams could be safe if it’s an elimination.

Felix, Annalena, Charlie & Haley decide to build an “Underwater World” complete with a huge hammerhead shark that’s scaring off all the other sea creatures. Annalena will focus only on building the shark and is doing it solo away from her other teammates This means it’s up to the other three team mates to figure out what is going underneath the shark in the scenery.

Shane, Dianne, Krystle & Michelle are leaning into the world of LEGO® making four giant LEGO® bricks and a moving rollercoaster that goes around the bricks to create a “LEGO® Theme Park”. They want four giant LEGO® bricks to bring all the attention and with a roller-coaster that wraps around them with the mini figs living inside it. In eight hours, it is an ambitious task, can Shane get that rollercoaster moving in time as he is the “King of Motion”. 

Peter, Ida, Ben & Eric decide on making “Monkey Business” – a kingdom with one giant monkey as their element to draw viewers’ attention with lots of small monkey’s hanging around the big trees and inside the canopy apartments – which will keep the attention of the viewer. They are all working seamlessly together and having a great time.

Inside the Germany/Australian team, the separation of the team and lack of communication is evident as Annalena continues to work solo with concerns from Haley & Charlie that her shark will be too big. Brickman is concerned for the Danish and Aussie team that the scale of the one big monkey to lots of smaller monkeys doesn’t have a cohesive story to bring it altogether.  Inside Team USA and Australia, Shane has brilliant idea to add the official LEGO® logo to the giant bricks it but it eats into a lot of the team’s time and as time is ticking down, Shane still hasn’t started on the mechanism for the rollercoaster to go around the giant bricks!  Brickman is concerned Shane doesn’t have enough time to make the rollercoaster work.

Peter, Ida, Ben & Eric work together to create a story of the smaller monkey’s bringing a big wheelbarrow of bananas as an offering to the giant monkey king, with lots of crazy stories in each apartment inside the canopy trees including monkey’s watching tv, painting, playing twister and kissing under the mistletoe!

The struggle of the German/Aussie team becomes apparent when it comes to putting the shark onto the build and it’s too heavy.  They struggle to work together as a team to fix the issue.

Krystle, Michelle, Shane & Dianne are struggling with time and with only 30 minutes remaining they have not got their roller-coaster moving, so all decide they won’t make the roller-coaster move but will go for implied motion; making their LEGO® land ‘under construction’ – the roller-coaster is broken down and people are trying to help them.

When the shark is finally is on the build, Brickman is concerned the face is faced the wrong way and suggests it needs to be turned around so the face is towards the window so it can be seen. Annalena breaks down in frustration as she really wants to win the Big Brick back after losing it for the first time. But they all start working together in the end to finish the build and are happy with their final product.

In the hardest eight hours ever on LEGO® Masters Brickman lets the teams know today is not an elimination and whilst clicking into K-Mart, it’s time to hear Brickman’s critique.

Brickman is so impressed with the “LEGO® Theme Park” and its size, scale and colour of Krystle, Michelle, Shane & Dianne’s build, but thinks in their rush to finish their build they place mini figures that wasn’t a part of the story and didn’t need to be there.

With Peter, Ida, Ben & Eric’s build, Brickman thinks it was a creative idea to have the giant monkey drawing in people’s attention in and he loved the colour choice, especially the bananas in the wheelbarrow, it’s their pop of colour that really stood out, but there was a lack of finesse and the placement of some of the items that made their story confusing.

Brickman loved Felix, Annalena, Charlie & Haley’s technique and how they used colour and he’s amazed at how big the shark is, however, the only thing missing in their build is the story.

Today is not up to Brickman to decide who wins, it’s up to the public. 100 people will place their vote (along with some K-Mart employees and best friend of LEGO® Masters, K-Mart employee, Sophie Monk) for their favourite team and whoever gets the most votes will win. 

It is Krystle, Michelle, Shane & Dianne’s build who wins the two Big Bricks and it’s the first time an Australian team has won a Big Brick so far, this series!


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