Heartbreak and new beginnings rock the farms 

Heartbreak and new beginnings rock the farms 

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, host Sam Armytage enlisted the farmers’ mums to give them their best chance of finding the perfect match.

“Your mother has chosen two incredible women who they think would be an excellent match for you,” Sam texted the farmers.

As the farmers set out to complete the task at hand: inviting one or both of the new ladies back to the farm; Joe said: “I don’t want to feel guilty about this, but I want my mum to really like the person I’m with. So if she has seen something in someone, I really want to explore that.”

Uneasy with the thought of Farmer Bert dating potential new partners, Lauren made a heartbreaking decision. 

Her parting words left Bert upset: “I wanted to come chat to you, because I’m really struggling. This whole process has been really hard for me. I’m not sure I can keep doing it, so I’ve got my bags. I’m gonna go home.”

After spending a night at Tom’s farm, mum’s choice Angela seemed less enthusiastic about farm life: “I have come to conclusion that I just don’t want to live on a farm, with lots of animals. It’s a bit smelly. I’d definitely like to be in my beautiful house in the city,” she said before packing her bags.

As the farms cracked on with this new development, Dean was still missing. “We don’t know where Dean is,” Tiffany said.

Almost 24 hours after leaving the farm, Dean returned with a life-changing decision. Sending Bella and Tiffany home, he confessed his love for Teegan: “I’ve fallen in love with you.”


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