Lego Masters serves up a Twisted Tales elimination

Teams enter the LEGO® Masters studio to see Hamish and Brickman standing between two Bingo Ball machines. In the Bingo Ball machines are eight classic fairy tales and eight genres that teams must twist together, giving a brand-new take on a well-known story. Big Brick holders, Annalena and Felix from Germany and Peter along with Ida from Denmark get an advantage and can choose their fairy tale and genre mashup, whilst the remaining teams must build the combinations drawn from the Bingo Ball machines. Brickman highlights how important the storytelling aspect of the challenge is noting the teams are required to create identifiable fairy tales and genre builds in order to take home the Big Brick!

Tensions rise as Hamish reveals the challenge is an elimination, where one team will be the first to leave LEGO® Masters.  Felix & Annalena and Peter & Ida are safe from elimination as they are the Big Brick winners from the previous episode.

The teams hit the ground running, with their advantage of choosing the genre and fairy tale, Felix and Annalena choose Red Riding Hood and Horror. The Germans, determined to win again launch straight into the build, with Annalena taking on the task of building the wolf and Felix creating his first character ever, Red Riding Hood.

Danish team, and fellow Big Brick holders Peter and Ida, choose Beauty and the Beast and Science Fiction. A curious choice, but one that they feel excited by. Peter builds an incredible robot Beast, who is proposing to the Beauty character that Ida skilfully crafts. 

Aussie duo, Charlie and Haley are overjoyed with their allocation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Martial Arts, particularly because Haley is a martial arts aficionado. The pair place Goldilocks outside a martial arts dojo as she runs away from the Three Bears, but Brickman is concerned that the Goldilocks story make not be recognisable enough.

Aussie’s Ben and Eric are also delighted their pairing, Rapunzel and Swords and Sorcery as the fairy tale and genre. They begin the build with determination, not only choosing to build their first ever characters but also an incredibly elaborate tower for Rapunzel to stand in. Halfway through the build they realise their tower is taking too much time, so they must simplify their technique and design.

Mother and Son team, Shane and Dianne are stoked with their allocation of The Wizard of Oz and Action. They build the Dorothy and the Wicked Witch in a fighting scene, where Dorothy fires water pistols and the witch begins to melt. Shane and Dianne enjoy a hilarious interaction with Hamish, as Shane shows off one of his tattoos! 

Emilio and Sam are dealt the hardest genre of them all, historical epic which they must combine with the fairy tale, Peter Pan. The duo decides on building a battle scene between Captain Hook and Peter Pan in a gladiatorial Colosseum, but Brickman is concerned their Colosseum may not be looking as epic as they think.

Brother and sister pair, Camile and Caroline from France are tasked with building Alice in Wonderland and Crime. The siblings struggle with translating their idea into LEGO® brick form, and ultimately lose a lot of time because of it.

Krystle and Michelle receive Cinderella and Western, the most perfect allocation for the team from the USA. They thoughtfully construct Cinderella running down a staircase, but instead of losing her shoe, she’s leaving behind a western boot.

After a dramatic 10-hour build, time is up!

Brickman is impressed by the skills of German team, Felix and Annalena and American team, Michelle and Krystle who secure the top two places. However, it is the Germans (Felix and Annalena) who win over Brickman with Felix’s character build in particular, taking home the Big Brick for the 3rd challenge win in a row!

This storytelling challenge is no match for two Aussie teams, Ben and Eric along with Sam and Emilio both find themselves in the bottom two and in risk of going home. Ultimately, it is Sam and Emilio who are eliminated from the competition, making them the first team to depart LEGO® Masters.


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