Five ladies leave in first farm farewell

Love bubbles burst on tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus

At the end of the first day on the farm, the farmers received a text from host Sam Armytage instructing them to choose two ladies for a double date the next morning, before making the tough decision to send one of them home. 

“The moment that Joe said my name, my heart dropped a little bit. I could be going home. It’s a lot, so I’m nervous,” Chelsea said after Farmer Joe chose her along with Keely.

With a possible elimination looming, the ladies on Bert’s farm found it difficult to spend time with him, as Karli was smitten. Disgruntled, April said: “Karli’s just out there and she’s just constantly in his space. She’s a crazy stage five clinger.”

Later at night, when April dobbed Karli into Bert, it backfired and he sent her packing. “I hate drama. I have an incredibly busy life and drama is just something I really don’t tolerate,” he said.

After spending quality time with their chosen two, the farmers farewelled the partner they couldn’t see a future with:

Farmer Bert: April

Farmer Dean: Kate

Farmer Dustin: Kara

Farmer Joe: Chelsea

Farmer Tom: Abby 


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