LEGO Masters: Secrets, Mysteries & Conspiracies

The seven Grand Master teams arrive to find LEGO® Masters HQ has been turned into an Area 51-style warehouse, filled with crates containing the world’s best-kept secrets and conspiracy theories. Brickman tells the teams they must build a well-known or original secret, mystery, or conspiracy theory to be boxed up in a crate and unveiled at judging. Each team has 10 hours to complete their build and will be judged on their ability to tell a story when the box is lifted off.  Brickman specifically says there is not enough time for a false start or to start the idea again, so to make the most of the time from the start. One team will win the Grand Immunity brick, while another team may be in danger of being eliminated.

Caleb & Alex choose to create a Big Foot, who has been discovered hiding in his living room at home. They use their character’s facial expression to convey that he has been caught red-handed.

Andrew & Damian agree on the idea of – a Lab Rat that has undergone experiments and is now ripping out of its cage to expose the secrets of the laboratory. Initially concerned that their idea is not a classic conspiracy theory, Brickman advises them to incorporate additional story elements into their build.

Joss & Henry decide to create a Sock Goblin, a little creature that steals objects from people’s houses, to solve the mystery of where all the missing ‘socks’ go.

Scotty & Owen decide to build a Sock Monster to answer the mystery of where all the missing socks disappear – the washing machine.  Brickman asks them to think more about their story.  Joss overhears their plan and alerts them that it is very similar to what he and Henry are building.  Scotty & Owen abandon their original idea, smashing it on the floor and brainstorm a new one to stand out. They settle on building El Dorado, the lost city of gold, but with only eight hours left on the clock, they must work quickly to complete it!

Sarah & Henry agree on the idea of building a Yeti at the Beach. The secret is that Yetis don’t live in the snow as everyone thought.   

David & Gus decide to create an Alien in a Test Tube. After being in the bottom two during the previous challenge, they hope to focus on their strength of character building. Their Alien is designed to appear as though it is floating inside a ‘glass container’, and it can be removed from the canister using a handle.

Gabby & Ryan make a Cheese-Gate – a political conspiracy theory that the world is run by rats. They hope to use the create being lifted to help gradually reveal that they have to build a President who is being puppeted from above by a group of rats.

Whilst Joss & Henry are struggling at the halfway point, they brainstorm about a possible new build.

Brickman suggests to them that because they have the Grand brick of Immunity, they have earnt the right to have a reset.   Joss & Henry know Brickman’s advice is right as they are struggling and pivot their idea to construct a Cryptid Inc, where mythical creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Fairies and Mermaids are manufactured.

Halfway through the challenge, Sarah & Henry decide that their secret is hard to understand, and it doesn’t fit the brief. They change their idea to a Man in a Yeti Costume, the yeti isn’t a real creature. It is just a man dressed up in a costume.  They have four hours to a total revamp; do they have enough time?

Before the challenge ends, Dr Karl surprises all of the Grand Masters and helps the contestants prove or dispel their secrets and conspiracies!  Dr Karl gets a rockstar welcome from the contestants and they all love having him visit, especially Scott who drills him with science question after science question, after science question!

With 30 minutes to go, panic has set in for everyone, as it’s a race against the clock for everyone!   And with 10 minutes to go, Brickman tells them it is a storytelling challenge, so they need to make sure their story is on point ahead of judging!

As judging commences, Hamish takes the Alien out of David & Gus’s build and Brickman is impressed with their well-executed build, but he suggests that they could have enhanced the expression of the Alien to make it more prominent and lifelike.

Brickman reveals that when it comes to Scotty & Owen build, despite the time pressure and changing their build halfway through, he is impressed with their creation – he thinks there have used a lot of skill in the details on display.

Next up is Sarah & Henry, and Brickman agrees that this idea is clear and the subject matter is strong, but unfortunately, because they changed their idea so late into the challenge, their execution is poor.  Sarah thinks they are in danger of being in the bottom two.

When we get to Ryan & Gabby’s build, Brickman loves it, saying it is entertaining with a great story!

Andrew & Damian worked diligently to integrate more narrative elements, and ultimately Brickman is so impressed with their creation, stating that it is their best build to date.

Although Brickman is impressed with Caleb & Alex’s character and surrounding elements, they could have included more elements to demonstrate the scale of Big Foot compared to a human being.

Brickman feels that with because of the halfway mark U-turn with Joss & Henry, their build does not measure up to the others on show.

After 10 intense hours, it’s time to find out who is in the bottom two.  Brickman calls up Henry & Sarah and Joss & Henry.  Joss & Henry are safe as they have the Grand Immunity Brick, and so too are Henry & Sarah, as it is not an elimination today.

Today’s top two spots got to Scott & Owen, whose skill and composition gets them there and  Andrew & Damian.  In the end, it was the feisty Lab Rat character that gets Andrew & Damian the win for today and The Grand Brick of Immunity for the first time this season!


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