Buttergate Sends Camp Into Meltdown

 Buttergate Sends Camp Into Meltdown

Another eviction free day for our celeb campmates and yes, we are lulling them into a false sense of security!

Spending every waking (and sleeping) moment together, deep conversations are a stalwart of passing the time in camp. Dicko’s realisation that he was in fact old at 60 got Liz good as she shed a tear talking about his wife, Aesha revealed what it’s really like Below Deck, Pete and Nick discussed their careers, Adam felt the AFL took away the prime of his life and Harry’s deep thoughts literally broke everyone’s brain.

The trial was a shock-a-thon and that wasn’t just the pirate accents or outfits. Both Nathan and Pete were given electric shocks to score stars, walking away with eight meals for camp in total.

But the biggest scandal of the night was buttergate. Returning from the Room Of Doom, Dom and Nathan came bearing gifts for their campmates: coffee, tea, sugar, croissants but best of all, butter. When it camp to dinner time, the celebs searched high and low for their flavoursome friend but came up empty handed.

With accusations running well into the night, no one was off the hook. Will the celebs ever get to the bottom of what happened or will their hopes of finding the culprit melt away?


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