Lego Masters pushes to new heights

Lego Masters pushes to new heights
LEGO Masters - S4 E2

IT’S day two and the eight teams arrive at LEGO Masters HQ to discover Brickman standing in front of a ramp, a burning ring of fire and a row of nine LEGO school buses. As the contestants try to guess the challenge, Hamish bursts through the wall on a mini motorike, dressed as a stuntman!

Hamish reveals that the challenge today will be to build a stunt vehicle which will hopefully survive a hydraulic push up the ramp, soar through the ring of fire, clear the buses and explode spectacularly on the ground, all captured in glorious slow motion. The teams will have six hours to complete their builds. Brickman will score each team out of ten points – and in a LEGO Masters first, Hamish will award a bonus point to the build which travels the farthest distance past the buses.

Having won the first challenge, Joss and Henry hold the Titanium Brick of Triumph, protecting them from elimination. Hamish reveals that today is a non-elimination challenge, but the Titanium Brick of Triumph holds an additional power. Joss and Henry will get to choose the mini figs for all of the teams.

Joss and Henry assign Kirsti and Daniel the Chicken Man mini fig. Kirsti and Daniel decide to build a Rubber Chicken, which they fill with eggs. Theirs is the largest and heaviest build, knocking over the ninth bus as it soars through the air, before shattering in an explosion of yellow LEGO bricks and eggs. Brickman loves Kirsti and Daniel’s humourous build, creative use of LEGO pieces and spectacular landing.

Crystal and Andrew aren’t at all happy to receive the Cowgirl mini fig. They feel the western theme is outside of their comfort zone, although they do like Tex-Mex food. They decide to build a Bucking Burrito Bar – a restaurant with a mechanical burrito ridden by the Cowgirl. When Hamish points out that the restaurant isn’t a vehicle, Crystal and Andrew change their idea to a Tex-Mex Food Truck, keeping the spinning burrito and Cowgirl on top. Andrew struggles with the spinning mechanism and they end up with two sets of wheels on the final build, which clips a bus as it spills burrito pieces onto the floor.

Lexi and Rachael receive the Rocket Man mini fig, which immediately makes Rachael think of Elton John, inspiring her idea: The Show Must Go On. They build a rocket with fireworks coming out of the back, atop which sits the Rocket Man mini fig at a grand piano. Their launch and landing are a total success as their hero Rocket Man spins through the air. At 8.1 metres, their build travels the farthest distance.

Joss and Henry assign Trent and Paul the Corn Man mini fig. They decide to build a Cob Mobile, but struggle with the mechanics as they’ve never built a vehicle before. They are worried their build won’t survive the ramp, but it does and colourfully crashes to the ground in an explosion of (mini fig head) corn kernels.

Nick and Gene are happy to get the Unicorn Girl mini fig. Gene loves building vehicles. They call their Mad Max-style motorbike Weekend Ride, and purposefully keep the build light in hopes of winning Hamish’s extra point. Although their build does travel the second farthest distance, the landing lacks the impact of some of the other teams.

Alex and Caleb receive the Pilot mini fig and build an old-timey Flying Contraption, compete with rooftop propeller. Theirs is a wonderfully quirky build which launches and smashes beautifully.

Joss and Henry give Branko and Max the Pizza Delivery Dude mini fig. Branko and Max love pizza and decide to build a Pizza Delivery Box – a truck which looks like a giant pizza box and contains oversized pizza slices. Branko the engineer insists on multiple tests, including throwing the pizza box across the room, which they film and watch back on the iPad in slow motion. Brickman is worried their build won’t make it off the ramp, but it launches and lands successfully – and even leaves a trail of string cheese to melt in the burning ring of fire.

Joss and Henry love Halloween and are excited to choose their own mini fig, the Witch. Eager to retain the Titanium Brick of Triumph, they build a Sweet Ride – a jack o’lantern style pumpkin filled with colourful lollies. Although Joss and Henry’s build barely clears the buses, Brickman loves both their use of colour and the slow motion landing.

In the end, Brickman chooses to name the top four teams. Trent and Paul come in fourth place, Joss and Henry third place, Kirsti and Daniel second place, and Lexi and Rachael win first place, thanks to Hamish’s extra bonus point for farthest distance traveled. Lexi and Rachael win the Titanium Brick of Triumph.


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