LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Over The Falls

LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Over The Falls

It’s day two of Brick  Week, and the eight Grand Master teams arrive at LEGO® Masters HQ to discover Hamish at the bottom of a giant waterfall in a bright orange Merman suit! Brickman tells the teams that they will be judged on two key storytelling moments: when the build crests the edge of the waterfall, and when it crashes at the bottom, exploding on the rocks below.   They will have six hours to complete their builds and each team will receive a score out of 20, which when added to the leader board will bring them one step closer to winning the immunity brick.

Gabby & Ryan make a Barrel Monkey – a monkey who has climbed into a barrel full of bananas, unaware the barrel is headed towards a waterfall! Gabby cleverly used minifig legs to create the barrel. These are very effective, but also very fragile. Because Hamish’s bowling ball nearly missed their castle build in Season Three, Gabby & Ryan are worried that he will mishandle their build and the barrel will break prematurely. Hamish redeems himself with a successful launch and the barrel explodes in a colourful display of bananas at the bottom of the waterfall as well as a red explosion of Monkey brains. Brickman loves both the monkey and the explosion and awards them 18 points and first place! Gabby & Ryan have 35 points on the leader board.

Kale & Trent also have the idea to build a barrel. Their build is a Magician in a Barrel – a magician who is going over the waterfall in a barrel, but is unable to unlock his chains in time and lands in an explosion of magic tricks. At the halfway point, Kale & Trent decide to double their build by adding another barrel holding the Magician’s Assistant. The assistant is chasing the magician with the padlock’s key he needs to complete his daring escape. Kale & Trent are hoping that the magician’s hat will lift off during the fall, revealing the puple rabbit hiding underneath. Brickman loves the characters and says that this is his favourite of the builds pre-launch. Unfortunately, the rabbit comes off along with the hat, and the rest of the magic tricks are covered up in the explosion. Kale & Trent receive 17 points and second place, with a total of 30 points on the leader board.

Scotty & Owen quickly decide that they will build a turtle, but have trouble settling on a story. They opt for Save the Turtle – in which the turtle is unable to escape the pollution on the river and is headed for certain death at the bottom of the waterfall. Owen gets to work building the turtle, but Scotty doesn’t love the idea and is tempted to do a Scotty Smash. With two hours to go, Scotty & Owen regroup and change their idea to one about which they are both enthusiastic. Their second idea is Safety Turtle. Scotty & Owen keep their turtle, and kit him out with floaties and a hang glider which Owen cleverly builds out of doors. They fill their turtle with guts and innards made from LEGO® bricks, rigged with a trip wire to enhance the explosion. Brickman loves the geometry in this build, the nice part usage with the doors, and the gory explosion. Scotty & Owen earn 17 points and third place, and a total of 35 points on the leader board.

Alex and Caleb decide to build a Treasure Hunter – an adventurer whose backpack is filled with stolen treasure, making his getaway by water skiing on two crocodiles. As he goes over the waterfall, the gold treasure spills out of his backpack. Brickman loves Alex & Caleb’s story as well as the colourful treasure. They land a fourth place score of 16, and a total of 30 points on the leader board.

David and Gus build a Fat Cat – a cat who has jumped into the river to catch a fish and found himself too close to the edge of the waterfall. The hope is that the cat’s front legs will extend on the way down and that when it lands, the explosion will reveal the contents of its stomach: fish bones and guts. Brickman loves the explosion and the fact that the cat landed on its feet. David and Gus score 16 points, landing fifth place, and a total of 33 points on the leader board.

Joss and Henry make a Koi Fisherman – an old man who has caught a giant koi fish which is pulling him towards the edge of the waterfall. Henry has never built a character before and challenges himself with the task of building the fisherman, while Joss builds the koi fish. Brickman loves the fisherman’s pose and the colourful koi fish, but unfortunately the boat obstructs the crash at the bottom of the waterfall, making it difficult to see the sushi exploding out from inside the fish. Brickman gives Joss and Henry sixth place with 16 points, and a cumulative total of 31 points on the leader board.

Sarah and Henry both have the same idea – a Pirate Ducky. Their build is a giant rubber duck pirate ship. They also make pirate characters who accidentally steer their ship over the waterfall where it crashes in a colourful array of pirate’s booty. Brickman loves the silliness and colour in their build, but thought it could have been bigger. Sarah and Henry are in seventh place with 15 points, and a cumulative total of 30 points on the leader board

Andrew & Damian quickly settle on their idea – an Adrenaline Junkie. Instead of a crash, they hope their character will surf to the edge of the waterfall, detach from his surfboard, hang glide the rest of the way to the bottom and land on the dinghy strapped to his back. Brickman is excited to see this stunt. If they can pull it off, it’s a guaranteed win! Unfortunately, the surfboard doesn’t detach as their character goes over the waterfall, and the hang glider hides his face. They earn a score of 14, placing them last in this build. Andrew and Damian’s cumulative score on the leader board is 30 points.

In the end, Ryan & Gabby are tied with Scotty & Owen for first place at 35 points each. Whichever team has the highest score on the leaderboard at the end of the next challenge will win the immunity brick that Jordy is still forging. With only 5 points separating the top from the bottom of the pack, tomorrow’s challenge is anyone’s to win.


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