LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Is it Fake?

LEGO Masters: Grand Masters Is it Fake?

It’s the third and final challenge of Brick Week, where the winning team will take home the Grand Brick, granting them immunity from the next build.  The teams are welcomed by Hamish and Brickman dressed as 1950’s Detectives and are told that the eight teams must choose an item from the office of “Blake & Brickman Detective Agency”, with the aim to perfectly replicate it.   At the end of the 10 hours, Brickman will judge their items on the degree of difficulty out of 20 points and a mystery guest, will try to identify which items are real and which items are made of LEGO®. If the mystery guest does not think the items are LEGO®, the undetected teams will pick up a bonus three points!  The team with the highest accumulated score at the end of Brick Week will win the Grand Brick and immunity in the following week.

Scotty & Owen and Gabby & Ryan are tied for top spot on the leader board but have chosen to take different paths for the win. Scotty & Owen are risking everything by diving headfirst into building an extremely curvaceous fan. Whereas Gabby & Ryan have taken a more considered approach, losing out on their first two picks, and ending up with the inconspicuous clock.

Andrew & Damian are keen to go from the bottom to the top and have chosen a tricky and technical typewriter. Alex & Caleb have chosen to play it safe today picking the books and bookends. Sarah & Henry have taken the hat stand whilst Joss & Henry chose the decorative lamp.  David & Gus have gone with the tape-to-tape voice recorder. And after Kale wanted to go big and stupid by choosing the desk or the chair, Trent veto ’ed both options and they have ended up with something smaller and more sensible, the radio.

Competition ensues and all teams are keen to impress by making small plastic bricks look like large textured objects.

Scotty & Owen decide to mechanise the fan to maximise their technical points – is this the right move to make?  While Trent & Kale want to nail their small radio perfectly plus pick up the three points, so they are focusing on creating a light up panel and a wood grain texture to trick the eye. Gabby & Ryan choose to use an illegal technique called brick bending to achieve the clock’s curved roof. Andrew & Damian leave the top roller mechanism, the hardest part of their build until the end. Brickman tells Scotty & Owen that their fan oscillates too fast but with only 30 minutes on the clock, do they have time to change it?  Racing to the end compromises are made by a few of the teams; Sarah & Henry only make two hat hooks instead of six and Trent & Kale’s roof has a slump because they spent all their time on making wood grain panelling.

After 10 hours, time is up, the challenge is over and it’s impressive! It is the best collective build on Grand Masters so far.

Brickman judges and due to the incredible standard, that Grand Masters is delivering, it’s coming down to the smallest of details. Special guest, Sophie Monk dressed as ‘Jessica Rabbit’ arrives to identify which items are made from LEGO®. She picks Joss & Henry’s lamp, David & Gus’s tape recorder and Gabby & Ryan’s clock. Which means the teams that went undetected and therefore pick up an extra three points are: Scotty & Owen’s fan, Andrew & Damian’s typewriter, Trent & Kale’s radio, Sarah & Henry’s hat stand, Alex & Caleb’s books and book ends.

The leader board returns for the final time. It comes down to Andrew & Damian with the green typewriter and Scotty & Owen who built the oscillating fan. With a score of 22 points for this challenge and a grand total of 57 points Scotty & Owen are the winners of Brick Week! They are presented with the most sacred brick ever forged which cannot be touched by human hands; The Grand Brick, granting them an incredible advantage; immunity from the first elimination.  


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