Double dates and first departures

Double dates and first departures

Love bubbles burst in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife 

As the newly arrived ladies explored their homes for the next six weeks, they couldn’t help noticing the connection the farmers had already made with their first 24-hour dates.

At the end of the first day on the farm, the farmers received a letter from host Sam Armytage instructing them to choose two ladies for a double date the next day, before making the tough decision to send one of them home. 

“How do I feel being chosen to go on the double date? Ah, not stoked. Maybe I offended Andrew by wanting to go home yesterday, I don’t know,” 37-year-old mine truck driver Claire said after Farmer Andrew picked her along with 34-year-old dog trainer Kelly.

On choosing 26-year-old town planning administrator Breanna and 24-year-old Indigenous health worker Emily, Farmer Brenton said: “They’ve been a lot quieter than the other girls in the house. And during the cattle work today they didn’t want to jump in and get their hands dirty.”

The invitation to go on a double date with Farmer Matt hit Alice, the 22-year-old teaching assistant, hard.

“I’m just worried at the moment that I’m not going to be able to come back from this and I feel very embarrassed,” a distraught Alice said. The pair were joined by 22-year-old professional equestrian, Madison. 

After spending time with 23-year-old research scientist, Natasha and 25-year-old registered nurse Christina, Farmer Brad said: “The jury’s still out on who I send home. They basically told me the same thing, really. They’re a bit reserved in a group environment. I feel as though I haven’t learned enough about Tash and Christina to be honest.”

Farmer David and his two ladies: 26-year-old special education aide Emily and 29-year-old marketing director Emma visited his primary school, where they interacted with the students. Seeing Emily thrive in that environment, Emma sensed a weaker connection with David and decided to end her journey on the farm.

“I respect Emma for making that big decision. She’s picked up on the real events in front of her and I probably was having more of a spark with Em, but it’s quite emotional,” David said.

After spending quality time with their chosen two, the farmers farewelled the partner they couldn’t see a future with:

Farmer Andrew: Kelly

Farmer Brad: Natasha

Farmer Brenton: Emily

Farmer David: Emma*

Farmer Matt: Madison

*walked out


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