LEGO Masters Grand Masters Finale Crowns its Champion

LEGO Masters Grand Masters Finale Crowns its Champion

From the initial eight LEGO®Grand Master teams, only three remain to compete for the coveted title of LEGO®Grand Masters. The teams have a total of 28 hours to build whatever they wish in hopes of impressing Brickman and 200 members of the public. Each member of the public has a LEGO®brick worth one point, which they will use to vote for their favourite build.  Brickman will use the Grand Brick, worth 100 votes, to cast his vote. In a LEGO®Masters first, Hamish has his own small beige brick, worth half a point, to cast his own vote.

Scott & Owen returned to Grand Masters for a shot of redemption, failing to win their season, coming in second.  They were inspired by the grand finale builds of past winners and decided to take elements of each to create the Titan Atlas. The Titan, from Greek mythology, is holding a giant city above his head, but he has come across unstable ground and is falling through sheets of rock above lava.

Caleb & Alex runners up in their season have learnt, grown, and pushed as a team this time around, peaking at the right time.  They have come to realize that their strengths lie in large humorous character builds. They decide to build the King of the Jungle, a large lion with a crown sitting on a throne with other animals offering gifts to the lion.

Joss & Henry, the only remaining past winners of LEGO®Masters, want to push themselves creatively and take a risk in their build. They decide to step away from their previous winning builds and push themselves to create a new world. Drawing on their strengths, they craft a serene and captivating scene Forest Guardian and the Traveller – where a traveller stumbles into a peaceful forest, greeted by the guardians of the woods.  

Brickman raises concern at Scott & Owen’s build, which he thinks is too high and too big for the 200 members of the public to view it properly.  Concerned too, their solution is to push the figure forward, so you see more of the city – a risky move as it will need to balance large weight.  Alex & Caleb play to their strength of their recent character builds but it’s Hamish who suggests the Lion needs to be bigger.  Joss & Henry see Scott & Owen’s huge build and realise their size is much smaller so it will be their polish that could get them the win. 

As Brickman and Hamish stop the clock at 14 hours, Hamish puts on a half time show for no other reason than to perform in one final costume, the contestants all jump in and dance off too.

Brickman suggests that Caleb & Alex need to add more animals to their build to give it more complex storytelling.  Scott & Owen place the city on the shoulders of the titan and it’s much bigger and heavier than they thought, the final placement needs to be done very carefully!  Joss & Henry now add in the fun little details in the last hour – the polish now comes to fruition.  All three teams are together feeling the Grand Finale pressure!

After 28 hours and the biggest builds of their lives, the three builds are seen for the final time by Hamish & Brickman.  Brickman is impressed by the scale and facial expression of Alex & Caleb’s lion and how the build can draw spectators into the creation, it’s their best build to date.

Brickman was impressed by the aesthetics of the build and the small details that Scott & Owen were able to incorporate into their larger-than-life creation.  Using the technique of implied motion, they were able to capture the moment of Atlas falling and trying to keep a hold of the city with no mechanisms. 

Joss & Henry’s attention to detail and intricate use of colours and shapes creates a cohesive and immersive world that captures the imagination.  Brickman, impressed by their ability to craft a unique and mature creation, commends them on their vision and execution. The build stands out for its imaginative storytelling and intricate design, marking Joss & Henry as formidable competitors.

Brickman has 100 votes, Hamish half a vote – where will Hamish place his unprecedented power!?  200 members of the public enter to view the final builds, alongside the previous contestants, who will win!? Alex & Caleb, Scott & Owen and Joss & Henry enter LEGO® HQ for the final time to learn their fate! : Brickman is impressed by the growth of all the finalists but ultimately, it’s Scott & Owen who are crowned the winners of LEGO®Grand Masters Australia

Scott said: “The whole Lego® Masters experience has been an absolutely mind blowing and heart filling experience. We gave this competition and our final build everything we had, we hope everyone loved being with us along this journey. 
To come away with the win in this level of competition has left me speechless, so I’ll just say thanks. Firstly, to all the crew, big thanks for all of your help at keeping us grounded along the way, to all the contestants past and present, thank you for your love and to everyone at home for tuning in, thank you.” 

Owen said: “We knew going in that the level of the final builds would be above and beyond anything we’d seen yet. This put us into an all or nothing mindset, to try for something ridiculous both creatively and technically in an effort to stand out. This meant a load of risks, many sleepless nights and hopefully an entertaining watch for all at home. In the end all the risks paid off and I could not be prouder of the legacy we have now left on the competition.”

Brickman said: “There’s always a big risk in naming a series “Grand” masters, as you’re relying on the competitors to really bring skills and techniques that have never been seen before, and gosh were lucky, because they did that and more, none more so than our Winners, Scott and Owen who were huge risk takers and really did live up to the hype”. 


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