Farmer Matt gets Served at final Dinner

Farmer Matt gets Served at final Dinner

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, the ladies farewelled the farms and frocked up for their final festivities

As the sun rose on the final day of farm stays, Farmer Matt shared some life-changing news: “I’ve recently been looking at jobs within the Department of Ag over in Canberra. I will be leaving the farm and moving to Canberra.”

While Annabelle received the news positively, Olivia’s silence left the farmer wondering if she was on board with his choice.

To celebrate the end of their time in the country, the farmers and the ladies gathered for one final get-together in the glitz and glamour of Sydney, with host Samantha Armytage instructing: “If you have questions or any lingering concerns, do not go home tonight without getting the answers you need.”

Taking Sam’s advice onboard, Annabelle started by confronting Olivia about spending alone time with Matt during the farm stay, and didn’t take it lightly when Olivia beat around the bush instead of coming clean.

Annabelle then called Matt out for giving in to Olivia’s tantrums despite the fact he had shared a solo date with her: “You were comforting Olivia and I was in the room like, well, what are you comforting her for? You’ve kissed me, we’ve had a connection. Are you apologising? That was probably a pretty low act,” she said.

Matt realised that his relationship with Annabelle has been tainted by that before confessing: “It makes me feel really shit, because I’ve missed it and I haven’t noticed it.”

Feeling uneasy about the way the conversation unfolded, Olivia stormed out of the dinner venue. After some contemplation, Matt decided to follow her, but admitted: “I feel like the reoccurring pattern of me making sure Olivia’s okay really does piss off Annabelle.”

With both his ladies upset, Matt hoped that tonight “hasn’t put a nail in the coffin on both relationships at the same time”


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