LEGO Masters Grand Masters Cliffhanger

The Grand Master teams arrive at LEGO® HQ to find Hamish and Brickman dressed as rock climbers and standing in front of five cliff faces made from LEGO®. Brickman explains that they must build a mountain dwelling for a themed Mini Fig, and a journey that extends out the cliff face. They will be judged based on their technical ability, storytelling, and aesthetics. Hamish will also award a ‘Hamish Blake Bonus Point’ to the build that extends out the furthest off the wall.

Given Joss & Henry won the last challenge, their advantage is choosing their mini fig as well as delegating the other Mini Figs to the other four teams. Joss & Henry choose the Wizard. They give Caleb & Alex the Samurai Warrior, Scott & Owen the Ice Queen, the Space Man goes to Damian & Andrew and Gabby & Ryan get Heidi from the Hills!

Tonight, after the 12 hour build, Hamish confirms it is an elimination, so one team will be leaving the competition, and the following four teams will enter Finals Week!

Andrew & Damian get The Space Mini Fig. They decide to build a space race, a course that extends from their cliff face with hoops and obstacles for the spaceships to fly through. Alex & Caleb are given the Samurai Mini Fig. Although they have never built in this particular style before, they create a rock structure with a temple sitting on it. Winding around the rock is a long mountain serpent about to face off with the Samurai Mini Fig.

Joss & Henry are immune from elimination for this challenge because they were last challenge winners. They choose the Wizard Mini Fig and decide to build something different from the other teams – the Wizard’s Farm. They build down their cliff face instead of out from it (and because of their immunity, they decide not to worry about the ‘Hamish Blake Bonus Point’ offered in today’s challenge. They construct floating islands with the wizard’s house and farm on them. At the very top, there is a griffin stealing sheep and the wizard is trying to save them.
Gabby & Ryan receive the Heidi from the Hills Mini Fig. They build a rock mountain with a chalet home on top, with their Mini Fig flying home on a magical snow goose. Scotty & Owen have the Ice Queen Mini Fig. They utilise Owen’s engineering background to build a massive structure to support the Ice Queen’s castle, which sits 1.5 meters off the wall! The Ice Queen is in a battle with a huge lava monster that has a moving jaw. This is Scott & Owen’s riskiest build yet, as they put LEGO® to the test.

The battle for the ‘Hamish Blake Bonus Point’ looks like it’s between Andrew & Damian and Scott & Owen – both teams are in it to win it!

Brickman is worried about Scott & Owen’s lack of storytelling in their build so far, as they seem to be focused on the technical side of the build too much. Brickman is worried about Damian & Andrew’s build and if it is structurally sound enough for their plans. Brickman is also concerned about Scott & Owen’s suspended castle, on a bridge adding to the build but Owen is confident that it will work, and it does! Gabby & Ryan’s build is smaller and more detailed than the other builds in the room but for a magical element they add two rocky hands welcoming the Mini Fig Alpine chalet.

Hamish brings out the script from Sylvester Stallone’s movie CLIFFHANGER and the teams recreate the scenes to see if there is a parallel from the words on the paper to their builds. There is not.

Andrew & Damian have trouble building a structure that is strong enough to hold the rest of their build and have major technical issues throughout the build, when their racing track starts to droop, they can’t find a solution and it seems unfixable. Scott & Owen successfully add their mechanical Lava Monster to the wall. Joss & Henry struggle to straighten their islands. Andrew & Damian feel like they are ‘hanging on by their fingernails’! With two minutes to go, one of the crucial elements of Gabby & Ryan’s build crashes to the ground, sending Gabby & Ryan to tears.
As judging commences, there are five exceptional builds. For Scott & Own it all pays off when Brickman says it is their best build yet and their new watermark for LEGO® Masters. Hamish measures their build, coming in at 2.18 metres long.
Caleb & Alex are up next with Brickman saying they have created a Cliffhanger scene with their build and the storytelling is spot on. Their official length is 1.2 metres, not putting them in the running for the ‘Hamish Blake Bonus Point’. Joss & Henry know they are safe, which is a great feeling. Brickman says the build has their trademark polish with detail and finish and the story is very clear. They are not in the running for the Hamish Blake Bonus Point as their build is 63cm only. Brickman explains to Gabby & Ryan that it is hard to grab attention with such a small build with minimal storytelling. Hamish measures the build, and it is 1.29m. Andrew & Damian, in the end, win the ‘Hamish Blake Bonus Point’ (2.31m) but it costs them points in all other areas.

With Joss & Henry, through to Finals Week for a second time in LEGO® Masters, joining them are Scott & Owen and Caleb & Alex!

The bottom two teams are Gabby & Ryan and Andrew & Damian. Brickman says it comes down to storytelling and Gabby & Ryan’s was clearer – making them the the final team to go through to finals week. It was close, but Andrew & Damian are eliminated for not being able to find a solution to their structural problems.


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