LEGO Masters Grand Masters Best Of The Best

LEGO Masters Grand Masters Best Of The Best

On the road to finals week, the Grand Masters arrive at LEGO®HQ, with only five teams remaining. Behind Hamish and Brickman stand five recognisable challenges, they are the five best challenges from all of the previous LEGO®Masters seasons including – Blown Away, Cut in Half, The Snow Globe, One Hanging Brick and the 3-Act Storytelling Challenge.

The current Lego Grand Masters will be judged not only on storytelling, technical ability and aesthetics but also will be judged against the winning build of that episode of that season. With no elimination tonight, today’s Grand Brick will march the winners of today’s build, straight into finals week.

The holders of the Grand Brick, Scott & Owen are tasked with distributing the challenges to the teams, their plan is to make sure that no one does a challenge that they’ve done before and therefore don’t have an advantage. The first thing they decide is to take the 3-Act Storytelling challenge for themselves. They first give Joss & Henry, Cut in Half (Coffee Machine). One Hanging Brick goes to Alex & Caleb, Ryan &Gabby get Blown Away, Andrew & Damian have The Snow Globe.

Joss & Henry decide that in order to beat the winning builds of the two previous Cut in Half challenges, they need to do something different and unique and given the bland appearance the coffee machine has their idea is to make a COFFEE BUDDY – a little robot helper.

Andrew & Damian are given the Snow Globe, they initially decide to stay away from any emotive build as they know they’re competing against Season 3’s Snow Fox by David & Gus, a memorable build for its intense and emotion. They decide to do a PILLOW FIGHT insinuating that the feathers are the snow.  But after a consultation from Brickman, they realise their idea is flawed as it doesn’t live in a snow globe world and doesn’t tell enough of a story. 

Alex & Caleb have the One Hanging Brick and get stuck into making a gorgeous bright and colourful bird, who is holding a lizard who is holding a mouse who is holding a piece of cheese, FLYING FOOD CHAIN.

Ryan & Gabby’s Blown Away challenge is the most technical of the five, they need to harness the power of the wind to move a mechanism on their build. They are competing against a creeping caterpillar and guitar strumming rock god from Season 4, so they want to do something that has creativity and life and multiple movements. They land on a CHINESE DRAGON who they hope will not only have a head bobble but also a slithering body.

The brick holders, Scott & Owen, chose the build with that needs the most brick laid, they come up with the idea quickly, THE RISE AND FALL OF ROME. Showing Act 1: The Creation of Rome, Act 2: The Glory of Rome and Act 3: The Fall of Rome. The struggle telling the creation of Rome as Scott who is a Roman history fans clashes with Owen who’s trying to tell the story succinctly.

Andrew & Damian consider Brickman’s concern and change their idea to a romantic PROPOSAL IN PARIS, and instead go for the emotion of the moment.

Ryan & Gabby come unstuck with their mechanism when they choose scoops over a propeller system, copying a model from Season 4 that was not one of the winning builds. The testing process isn’t kind to them, and they have to abandon the head bobble.

Alex & Caleb’s FOOD CHAIN idea grows further when they decide to add a couple more animals on and get the mouse holding a centipede instead who’s holding a spider, whose caught a fly.  Joss & Henry overhear Brickman and Hamish talking about their build with Brickman saying he wants COFFEE BUDDY to have five hands. They agree now is the time to listen and they add five robotic arms that come out of the top of the coffee maker that hold the cut, pour the milk, add the sugar, turn the machine on and more!

Scott seems to have lost his inspiration for Rome, so is visited by a time travelling guest.  After much consultation Scott & Owen agree that they need to include a statue to the mythic creation of Rome, and then also show some construction happening around them.  Unfortunately, Ryan & Gabby are still struggling with the mechanisms but decide to add some little drummers to give their build life.

As judging commences, Hamish & Brickman are very proud of the five teams and their builds.

Andrew & Damian are up first, and the final outcome is pure romance and Brickman loves the characters, and we all hope the lady says yes!  Next up is Alex & Caleb’s FOOD CHAIN build.  The build is bright and colourful, full of great storytelling.  Brickman says this build is a ‘ripper’ of a build.

Joss & Henry now call their build MR COFFEE and Brickman LOVES it.  It’s a novel and adorable way to give the coffee machine lots of character and movement.  Gabby & Ryan’s build was their most intense build to date.  When the wind machine starts, they do eventually get the dragon to move, when the fan is on full speed, but they do lose elements to the intense wind, and even though it did work, it isn’t as magnificent as they’d hoped.

In the end, Scott & Owen’s build is impressive and worthy of being judged against the winning builds of its kind.

Today’s Grand Brick winners are safe from elimination and straight into finals week.  The two top teams today are Caleb & Alex and Joss & Henry.

But there can only be one winner.  An emotional Brickman, says it’s Joss & Henry’s MR COFFEE that secures them the win today, making them the first team that are guaranteed a spot in finals week.


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