Lego Masters gets spooky

Lego Masters gets spooky

Tonight In Episode 8 of LEGO Masters Australia we are in for a spooky treat.

the 6 remaining teams are led by Hamish and Brickman to the back of the dimmed studio to reveal a huge Spooky Castle with lightning spitting out the top, below; an empty baseplate village being engulfed by a cloud of smoke. Contestants are informed that this challenge is in fact Spooktacular themed and that Titanium brick winners Joss and Henry have the power to delegate the minifigures that will guide each baseplate build for this spooky diorama. Hamish announces that the teams will find out if this episode an elimination at the end and that teams will also need to complete their spooky builds within ten hours.

Titanium Brick holders Joss and Henry are big Halloween fans, comforted by the safety from elimination that the Titanium brick provides them, they bestow themselves the avantgarde Spider Witch minifigure and are quick to settle on the idea that their spiderwitch will live in a Spooky purple house balancing atop eight spider legs. After learning that Hamish is terrified of spiders, the brothers are inspired to feature Hamish as a character in their build. Brickman informs the brothers that although their impressive House Spider is coming along nicely, their build is lacking story and needs something else on the baseplate. Focusing on getting the meticulous house and legs perfect, the brothers leave their story elements to the final hour. Their brilliant idea being that the House Spider eats houses and is coming for Hamish’s house next, leaving a trail of destroyed dwellings behind it. Moving their build into place is incredibly tense, it wobbles all over the place, but once its clicked in Joss and Henry are incredibly proud of it and claim its their favourite build they’ve done in the competition so far.

Dog lovers Trent and Paul happily receive the Werewolf minifig. They quickly come up with the idea of a Werewolf Wilderness Retreat. Its main features include resort building with a big Werewolf face on the side and a large spooky tree holding a full moon, in which all the werewolves will be transitioning under. Brickman loves the idea and is constantly impressed by their creative storytelling. However, their creative genius takes a downward spiral when Trent can’t agree on the aesthetics for their build and starts to panic – he is adamant that today is an elimination and that they are going home, Paul does his best to console Trent. With only 1 hour to go and very little to show for it, Hamish approaches their bench with an iPad in hand. Paul and Trent are overcome with emotion when they discover it’s a FaceTime with their fur babies back home. This newfound motivation carries them to the finish line – they work to the final second before clipping their bench into the Spooktacular scene – still convinced this could be the end of their time on LEGO Masters Australia.

Lexi and Rachael are given the classic Ghost and as soon as they start to plan a rift divides the two. Lexi loves the Spooky genre and is determined on building a big purple Haunted mansion – what she describes as her dream build. Rachael on the otherhand is not a lover of Spooky theme and would prefer to take their time planning. Lexi, getting her way, makes a headstart on her haunted mansion, whilst Rachael starts building some ‘spooky trees’. Brickman states it looks like their doing two separate builds and that they need to build something to connect the two. This inspires Rach to turn her trees into a tree monster character and accidentally builds an incredibly difficult 5-sided shape for the trunk. Lexi perfects her mansion and adds the ghosts and graveyard into the build. Wheeling it into place the two are incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved. 

Kirsti and Daniel are delegated the Lagoon Monster, and the two struggle to find inspiration for an idea. They have a lightbulb moment and decide on scaling up their minifigure, having the monster’s eyes creepily peering out of the water – its slumber interrupted by a fisherman whose naïvely sailed onto its head. Brick-man suggests their build needs more presence, and Kirsti and Daniel decide to add lagoon monster arms bursting out of the water. Brickman can’t look past the fact the arms look completely different to each other and they are concerned about being on the chopping block if today is an elimination.

Caleb and Alex are given the Reanimated Creature, and they also decide to scale up their minifig in an Evil Experiment on Halloween – wherein a crazy scientist is expanding his creature in his lab so big that the monster’s arms burst out of the house. The pair realise the scientists house they’ve built is very grey, just like Brickman’s castle that will sit behind it on the diorama. And so, they decide to inject some colour by making their monster colourfully stitched-together. Early on, Hamish, aka Brickman’s Deputy, makes a great point that the front of their baseplate is very bare and needs something else. Appreciative of Hamish’s advice, Alex and Caleb decide to make the creature’s feet bursting out of the ground. In judging, Brickman can’t get past the colour of the house and how it blends into the castle. But it is spooky and has a great sense of humour.  

Nick and Gene are allocated the Mummy Mini-Fig. They aptly decide on building the Temple of the Tomb King – a gleaming white pyramid with a half embalmed cobra wrapping around the side. The temple features several booby traps including a spinning capstone that reveals a hidden pink bathroom and a spike pit under a trapped footbridge that ill-fated pilgrims can fall through. The boys hope by adding these mechanics and elements of humour this will help win them back the Titanium Brick of Triumph. However, doubt is quickly instilled when their rivals – Henry & Joss’ intimidating House Spider come to fruition.

Hamish pays all the teams a visit, throughout the build, in a full vampire get up – gliding around in a pair of shiny black rollerblades. Although Hamish attempts to spook the contestants, he instead impresses them with his sick rollerblading skills.The clock is stopped and the incredibly spooky diorama is revealed. After judging all the finished builds, Brickman announces Lexi & Rachael and Henry & Joss as top two teams for this challenge: both for their creative use of the spooky colour purple, the hilariously spooky stories both creations tell, and of course for their technical aspects, one being a five-sided tree monster and the other being a huge house precariously balanced on eight very realistic, tehcnic-built spider legs.

In the end, Titanium Brick holders Joss and Henry retain the brick.


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