Reynold Returns for Masterchef Preasure Test

Reynold Returns for Masterchef Preasure Test

Tensions were high as Max, Jenn, John and Alvin headed into the second pressure test of the season set by MasterChef Australia alumni, Reynold Poernomo.

Bearing his new signature dish Noi, this highly technical dish was the culmination of all that Reynold has learnt since his time on MasterChef Australia in Season 7 and Season 12, incorporating elements from many of his past masterpieces. 

When it was time to taste, John was excited to serve a dish he was confident replicated the original well, and he was right. The judges were impressed by his overall effort.

Despite an early hiccup with her jasmine ganache, Jenn was happy with how she rallied. Her twigs were quite big, but overall it was a great attempt, and from a flavour perspective, Jock was very happy. 

Max was not sure he replicated the elements as perfectly as they should be to ensure his position was safe. Unfortunately, the judges agreed as they felt there wasn’t enough finesse involved in his flavours. His jasmine ganache mostly tasted like cream, his caramel apple insert wasn’t taken far enough and the texture of the tuille lacked crunch.

Alvin was last to the tasting table, and while his dessert looked little like Reynold’s beautiful dessert, Alvin’s refined palette and excellent flavours won out.

After not quite nailing the flavours of Reynold’s complex dessert, Max was announced as the third contestant eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.


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