Laurina Leaves The Bachelor

Laurina Leaves The Bachelor

The Bachelor  is going down to the wire and each elimination is going to hurt.

The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey said his final goodbye to controversial Bachelorette Laurina, 31, after an emotion charged rose ceremony last night.  Despite having opportunities to open up to Blake, Laurina failed to convince him she was totally committed to the idea of a future together.


On the Arabian Nights group date, Laurina stopped talking to Blake mid-conversation on account of what she saw as disinterested body language. Later, at the cocktail party, she again interrupted their chat mid-way to retrieve a mint. Despite their stunted conversations, Laurina still felt secure going into the rose ceremony.

Laurina said: “I feel confident and assured about my connection with Blake. I really hope to get a rose, continue this journey and keep developing that connection.” Sadly for Laurina that was not to be. Blake spoke with Laurina privately after the rose ceremony to explain his decision and farewell her for the final time. Blake told her: “I just want you to know I do think that you are amazing. I got to see who you are. It’s that funny, it’s that sweet, that gorgeous, kind Laurina. It’s that one who absolutely has her guard down. I guess I wish I had seen her a little more. I know it’s not easy and I just want to say thank you and I hope you find love because I think you deserve it.”

As she departed the mansion for the final time Laurina said: “They call it the game of love. Love is an ongoing, evolving thing. It changes every day, how you have to approach it. And sometimes you have to play your cards right in order to stay in the game.” “I just feel like I tried to stay true to myself the whole time but ultimately it’s not meant to be. Winter will be over soon and then it will be spring and I’m sure there’s some new beginnings right around the corner.”

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