Big Brother reveals first nominations for 2014

Big Brother reveals first nominations for 2014

Who will be the first housemate to leave in 2014.

It was  nomination night in the Big Brother House and for something different they took place in pairs, in the Diary Room. Each pair has 5 points to nominate between 2 pairs – they can allocate 4 & 1, or 2 & 3.

 Four pairs are nominated this week: Gemma & Jake (17 votes), David & Sandra (14 votes), Skye & Lisa (7 votes), Travis & Cat (6 votes).

 With the voting’s lines now open  it’s up to Australia to save their favourite Housemate. BUT….In a Double-Cross eviction, Housemates will think a pair is leaving for good!  But, only one person will leave the Big Brother House…and little do the housemates know they will decide….LIVE.

To keep your favourite Housemate in the Big Brother House, Australia needs to vote and SAVE that pair 

Call the number below to save your favourite Housemates:

JAKE AND GEMMA              1902 55 95 01

DAVID AND SANDRA           1902 55 95 03

SKYE AND LISA                    1902 55 95 05

CAT AND TRAVIS                 1902 55 95 04


To save your favourite Housemates text one of their names to 199 55 999 (Only SMS one name at a time)


* e.g. texting Jakes name will count as one Vote to Save for the Pair of Jake and Gemma, as will texting Gemma’s name, and so on.


“Like” the Big Brother Facebook page , click on the BIG BROTHER Voting Application and follow the instructions to submit a vote to save your favourite Housemate.

The Housemate with the least number of saving votes will become the first to be evicted from BIG BROTHER during the live eviction show 8.40pm next Tuesday, September 23, 2014.


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