Landscape Budget Blow up on The Block

The drama is brewing between Leah and Ash and Kyle and Leslie, as House No.3 continues to question if House No.1 are getting an unfair advantage with the cost of their landscaping by landscaper Troy Lovett and his team.

Leah and Ash just can’t understand with a $40,000 budget how they are affording to pay all the workers on site in House No1. Kristy agrees with her, but she wants to let Leah do the talking and not have a bar of any confrontation. She also continues to play games, and tries to hatch up a plan to fence off Leah and Ash’s yard so they have no access to trades, but the plan is thwarted.

The girls have a Block Bucks trade session and Leah gives Leslie $7,500 of Freedom Block Bucks in return for Camerich. She ends up getting over the $15,000 to get the furniture she wants and is overjoyed and she makes the order.

Steph and Gian take some time away from The Block, as they deal with the death of both of their grandfathers.

But then a huge confrontation rocks The Block. Leah and Ash confront Kyle and Leslie, and later their landscaper Troy Lovett, over their suspicions that they are not playing a fair game when it comes to their landscaping budget.

It gets incredibly heated on Charming St, and Leslie is clearly disgusted that her integrity is being questioned. But Leah and Ash try to raise some valid points and even bring up the suggestion of an audit.

Leslie walks off but is fuming inside. She decides to renege on her deal with Leah about the Camerich Block bucks and rings the store, which means the store can no longer deliver her furniture.

The nail in the coffin is however, she decides not to tell Leah of her plan. This leads Eliza and Liberty to privately question Leslie, and wonder if it is the right move to do such a thing.


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