Backyard Landscaping and Pool Week Begins

It ’s the second last week of The Block and it’s a big week, backyard landscaping and pool week.

The Blockheads are looking forward to finishing and are getting nostalgic for the journey they have had.

At the Domain Open For Inspections the contestants can’t understand how Kristy and Brett just gave up delivering their bathroom redo room, so close to the end of the build.

Drama  is brewing in House No.1 for Kyle and Leslie, who to this point have managed to stay out of any confrontation.

Kyle and Leslie have secured Troy Lovett as their landscaper, who famously won the week with Tom and Sarah Jane in Gisborne.

As Troy arrives on site he does so with an army of workers and expensive products, which leads the other Blockheads to question how they can afford it?

Leslie told Leah that she only has $40,000 for the two weeks of landscaping, and she and Ash are leading the discussion about how they are affording it.

Kyle and Leslie say they negotiated a deal with Troy for a $40,000 quote and everything is above board.

Leah is excited when Steph offers her $5,500 Camerich Block bucks and she heads to the Melbourne furniture store and finds some amazing furniture for her backyard.

She wants over $15,000 worth of product and she calls Steph and asks for more Block bucks, but Steph says she doesn’t want to have this conversation and says no.

Compared to Kyle and Leslie’s army of workers, Eliza and Liberty only have two young landscapers but they are working with it.  The girls have an amazing getaway in the City with Scotty for winning last night with their bathroom.

Leah’s suspicion that Kyle and Leslie aren’t playing fair with their budget continues to fuel.

Meanwhile Kristy and Brett in House No.3 are really struggling to work with their landscaper.

Gian gets some very sad news, in Sydney, just a week after Steph’s grandfather died, his own grandfather passed away. It’s devastating for House No.4.


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