King Con: The Life and Crimes of Hamish McLaren

King Con: The Life and Crimes of Hamish McLaren

Hamish McLaren conned millions from friends, family and lovers. Now, witness the rise and fall of Australia’s most successful con man in the new documentary, King Con: The Life and Crimes of Hamish McLaren, premiering this Sunday

Hamish McLaren is one of the most successful con men of all times. Throughout a 30-year career he scammed unsuspecting girlfriends, high profile businessmen, acquaintances, and best friends out of more than $60 million. And that’s just the people who came forward. Authorities suggest it could be twice that amount, as he wreaked havoc on a global scale, targeting people in Canada, Asia, Europe, and the UK, as well as at home in Australia.

Experts have called him a psychopath, lacking in empathy and compassion. His girlfriend Tracy believed he was a 41-year-old banker named Max who loved surfing but took her life savings. Karen, a divorcee, was left a million dollars in debt after she met Hamish. Suburban grandparents Lorraine and Peter lost two million dollars to the man who promised he would never let them down. 

In this premiere documentary, hear firsthand from the people he targeted as they deal with the betrayal and devastation suffered at the hands of the charming and flamboyant Hamish. We also learn how NSW police detective, Tom Zadravec, forensically pieced together Hamish’s scams and brought him down.

King Con: The Life and Crimes of Hamish McLaren is produced by Perpetual Entertainment for the Seven Network.

King Con: The Life and Crimes of Hamish McLaren Premieres 8.00pm Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus


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