Family and Friends week Concludes

Family and Friends week in the experiment and whilst some couples relish in the chance to show off their new-found relationship, others are forced to confront some harsh truths pointed out by those outside of the experiment bubble.

As many of the couples celebrate their closeness, for ELLIE and BEN that couldn’t be further from reality. After the last Commitment Ceremony, BEN was officially put on notice as ELLIE wrote leave and Expert JOHN warned BEN he had seven days to turn things around. But instead of facing the music, BEN chose to run away from his problems, from Skye Suites and from his bride. When BEN does make his return to the apartment, ELLIE continues to question BEN’s intentions. Despite her doubts, ELLIE decides to give BEN one more chance, and BEN takes the opportunity to express his feelings through song. Smitten ELLIE loves the gesture until, later that day, ELLIE is found reeling after a 2-hour lecture from BEN of his list of dislikes.

After TRISTAN wrote leave at the last Commitment Ceremony, he and CASSANDRA are doing their best to get their relationship back on track and a visit with their families is just what the doctor ordered. After a few hard-hitting questions from CASSANDRA’s dad Moddy, especially regarding intimacy, TRISTAN reveals his desire to get out of the friend zone and make the first move. With some encouragement from Moddy, both CASSANDRA and TRISTAN are reminded that good things take time and they just need to focus on each other.

SARA and TIM have found their spark after a rollercoaster start to their relationship. However, TIM’s best friend BEN, fresh from his infamous best man’s speech, has every intention of derailing the cool, calm and collected couple. Both happy with the work they’ve done and their current place in the experiment, SARA tries her best to go along with BEN’s digs. TIM does his best to defend SARA and their relationship, which goes a long way in cementing how SARA feels about him.  Now with intimacy back on the table, TIM and SARA are firmly back on track.

Despite still living in separate apartments, after an unorthodox conversation between TIMOTHY and LUCINDA’s father Michael yesterday, TIMOTHY appears a lot more optimistic about the trajectory of his time in the experiment. LUCINDA also feels positive post family and friends visit, and as things take a turn for the better, TIMOTHY takes a small but significant step forward by moving back in with LUCINDA, albeit in the self-described ‘man-cave’.

The two new couples, MICHAEL and STEPHEN and JADE and RIDGE are in the midst of a crash course week to fast track their relationships. Whilst JADE and RIDGE breeze through the tasks set by the experts, the confessions letter task sees an emotional STEPHEN finally break down his walls and provide insight into his resistance to trust MICHAEL, bringing the couple closer together. For once loved up couple ANDREA and RICHARD, there’s been a considerable vibe shift as they hit the halfway mark in the experiment. Although ANDREA believes she’s putting in effort, RICHARD’s voice of doubt is ringing louder as he interprets ANDREA talking to friends back home as a sign she doesn’t want to spend time together. As their family and friends arrive, RICHARD and ANDREA have had their first fight. Over lunch, RICHARD breaks down, and with the support of his daughter ROXY and ANDREA’s best friend KATE-MARIE, this fan-favourite couple are set back on course


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