Channel 7 will screen the first of two Just for Laughs specials next Wednesday night.

Australia takes centre-stage at the biggest comedy festival in the world when Adam Hills presents Just For Laughs – Aussies in Montreal

Host of the show Adam Hills says, “Be upstanding Australia. This is comedy royalty and it makes you proud to be an Aussie!”.

Just For Laughs – Aussies in Montreal showcases Australia’s finest and funniest over the past decade including performances from the host, Adam Hills, who takes great pleasure introducing his own acts on the show.

“Over the last decade I have been lucky enough to become a regular at the Just For Laughs Festival,” Adam says. “It’s been a privilege to watch so many Aussie acts kick-arse on a world stage…I am living proof that a one legged man can take part in an arse-kicking competition!”

The full line-up for the one off special is: Dame Edna Everage, Dave Hughes, Rove McManus, Judith Lucy, Jimeoin, Tim Minchin, Will Anderson, Tripod, Tom Gleeson, Fiona O’Loughlin, Carl Barron, Axis of Awesome, Dave Thornton, Sammy J & Randy, and of course Adam Hills!

The ‘Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival’ is the largest international comedy festival in the world. Established in 1983, the annual event attracts spectators from around the world, including talent scouts, and managers from the entertainment industry. Performing at the festival is considered one of the biggest opportunities for comedians to showcase their acts in front of worldwide industry professionals.

Just For Laughs – Aussies in Montreal premieres Wednesday September 18 at 8.30pm Channel Seven