Julia Gilard to tell The Whole Truth on Nine

Julia Gilard to tell The Whole Truth on Nine

She was Australia’a First Female  Prime Minster now Julia Gilard will speak the truth.

In a Nine News special presentation, Ray Martin will go head-to-head With Julia Gillard in an  explosive, tell-all interview

Julia Gillard – The Whole Truth will reveal the real Julia Gillard, as Australia’s first female Prime Minister opens up as never before. Gillard reveals the truth about the night she challenged Kevin Rudd for the leadership of the Labor Party and  his treachery in leaking damaging stories about her.

She talks frankly about life in The Lodge with partner Tim Mathieson, and why she chose not to marry him.  She speaks affectionately about her father and angrily attacks talkback radio host Alan Jones for his remark  that her father “died of shame”. “Cruel and unforgiveable”, Gillard says.

Ray Martin asks Gillard about sexist remarks she claims were unfairly directed at her, including Germaine  Greer’s comment that she had a “big arse”. The former Prime Minister is asked to justify her accusation that  Tony Abbott is a misogynist.

Gillard claims she would have run a stronger campaign in the 2013 election, if she had remained the Labor  leader, and that the result would have been no worse for Labor than it was.

Asked whether politics is a “mug’s game” Gillard says it’s not a job for people who seek publicity. “If you’d like  to be a celebrity try out for Big Brother”, she says.

Julia Gillard: The Whole Truth 7pm Tuesday on Nine.


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