60 Minutes September 21

60 Minutes September 21

This weekend 60 Minutes has a mixed bag of stories ranging from lifesaving, Cuba and an airplane grave yard.

Plane Graveyard

This Sunday, take a flight through the twilight zone to the big hangar in the sky. The place where jumbo jets go to die. The great aeroplane graveyard. Charles Wooley was given a one way ticket to the middle of nowhere (but somehow he made his way back!) to report on this most amazing of spectacles. You might think it’s a story about the decline of the airline industry, but in fact it’s the exact opposite.

Reporter: Charles Wooley                           Producer: Stephen Taylor


Dr John Swinnen is a lifesaver – by training and nature. The Australian surgeon has swapped the comforts of life in Sydney for the dangers and devastation of Gaza in the Middle East. He’s been working around the clock to help the thousands of people injured in the recent war with Israel. It’s a conflict saturated in politics and opinion, but for Dr John Swinnen all that matters is helping people. Guest reporter Mark Burrows discovered a deep compassion in a man who knows what it’s like to lose a loved one.

Reporter: Mark Burrows                             Producer: Howard Sacre

A Cuban Revolution

Cuba has become a bucket-list holiday destination for thousands of Australians. A unique place to enjoy balmy weather, salsa dancing and plenty of cocktails. While that may be true for tourists, it’s a world away from reality for those who actually live there. The romance of Che Guevara has long since faded in this communist stronghold. 3 streets back from the bars and the beach – the poverty and oppression begins. But that could be all about to change, because three years after the Arab Spring, the internet is finally coming to Cuba.

Reporter: Liz Hayes                                     Producer: Phil Goyen

Tony & Gaga

This is a musical collaboration as bizarre as it is perfect. Tony Bennett is the legendary 88 year old crooner who has been singing professionally since the 1940s. Lady Gaga is the most avant-garde name in pop music today. For all their differences, they are, strangely, kindred spirits. Now, 4 years after their first brief duet, they’ve returned to the studio to do an entire album. Tara Brown caught up with Mr Bennett and Lady Gaga in New York City – to try and make sense of it all.

Reporter: Tara Brown                                  Producer: Steven Burling

 8 PM Sunday on Nine


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