Jess and Emma Exit My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules has reached it’s final countdown with Sydney sisters Jess and Emma bidding farewell to the competition.

Last night saw Russian friends Olga and Valeria host the last ultimate instant restaurant of the season with polarising dishes.

First up were the entrees, with judge Manu Feildel ordering chebureki with tomato relish and Pete Evans opting for the dressed herring terrine. Manu liked his dish but said the relish could of been improved. Pete loved the richness of the mayonnaise, the sweet beetroot and potatoes in there…That’s a memorable dish for me.” and awarded the first 10 of the evening.

Mains were  ox tongue in apple dough with porcini mushrooms which Manu critiques

“It’s a little frustrating and upsetting because you’ve constantly said you want us to learn about Russian food, but why do you want to improve on something you grew up with and found delicious?” Pete’s solyanka soup was a winner though with its sensational flavor giving the duo another 10.

Desserts were a hit with both the isba cake and pashka with cranberry curd netting 10s from the judges.

After everything was tallied up Olga and Valeria had a score of 87 sending Jess and Emma packing who only scored a total of 49 at their restaurant.

Jess and Emma said they were sad to be leaving. “It’s painful, more than these shoes right now,” Emma said.