Getaway travels to Egypt and Jordan in three special episodes

Getaway  explores the mystery and wonder of Egypt and Jordan over three must-see episodes starting from this weekend.

Join Catriona Rowntree as she uncovers breathtaking locations across Egypt and Jordan, meeting extraordinary locals, eating delicious food, bargaining at markets and exploring some of the world’s most ancient and famous landmarks.

Take a step back in time and travel through history as Catriona visits the bustling Egyptian capital of Cairo, the ancient city of Luxor, mind-boggling Abu Simbel and the stunning monuments and natural wonders of Jordan. Plus, one lucky viewer will win their own adventure through Egypt.

Getaway last travelled through Egypt in 2008, and 10 years on it is still a bucket list destination for all. Over the three episodes, we explore some of the best sites Egypt and Jordan has to offer, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as well as the Sphinx, Cairo’s Citadel, home to some of Egypt’s most treasured and famous structures, and an incredible cruise along the River Nile. Then there’s the Valley of the Kings plus Jordan’s extraordinary Petra, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. We check into some of Egypt and Jordan’s most luxurious resorts and hotels along the way.

Catriona, who first went to Egypt at the age of 15, says Egypt is incomparable amongst the 100-odd countries she has visited.

“From my first trip to Egypt as an inquisitive ancient history student to my third trip as an obsessed travel reporter, I can’t get enough of this mystical country,” she said. “This trip to Egypt and Jordan was simply incredible. I’ve never had a trip where so many Aussie travellers approached me, some with tears in their eyes, to say we must tell other people to come here, that Egypt is beyond belief, and we have to share how beautiful it really is.

“It is a highly sophisticated culture that reigned thousands of years ago, obsessed with everything from aromatherapy to horoscopes, religion to royal families. It’s pretty obvious why the world is still intoxicated by Egypt.”

Getaway joined Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours 20 Day Essence of Egypt and Jordan Adventure.

SATURDAY, APRIL 28, AT 5.30PM on Nine