Jaycee and Aleisha’s grocery gaffe shocks the house

Jaycee and Aleisha’s grocery gaffe shocks the house

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates endured an electrifying game of pictionary for the week’s shopping task.

Despite withstanding intense electric shocks to earn a total shopping budget of $370, Head of House Jaycee and Aleisha messed up the shopping list. Delivering a real shock as the house ended up with a lifetime supply of onions, 10 slices of bread, single-portion sizes of every item and an unused $190.

With safety on the line, the Top 10 fought to remain in the game during the nominations challenge as Tim and Gabbie took out the glory.

When Drew and Johnson were out for blood after Taras’ nominations stunt the night prior, he made a promise to redeem himself. But during nominations, Taras once again betrayed Drew and left him on the chopping block.

Big Brother gave challenge winners Tim and Gabbie the power to nominate the remaining two housemates up for eviction after Brenton, Johnson and Taras were tied for votes. The pair saved Johnson, leaving Brenton and Taras to join Drew.  


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