Janet Andrewartha reprises Neighbours Role

Janet Andrewartha reprises Neighbours Role

The residents of Ramsay Street better watch out Lyn Scully is coming home

 For more than 15 years, viewers have enjoyed the highs, lows, tears and triumphs of Lyn’ s (Janet Andrewartha) life ever since she first appeared in 1999.

Mother to Steph (Carla Bonner), Jack (Jay Bunyan), Flick (Holly Candy) Michelle (Kate Keltie), and Oscar (Ingo Dammer-Smith), Lyn is the matriarch of the Scully dynasty and has been at the forefront of some of Neighbours’ most memorable storylines.

Her time in Erinsborough saw viewers witness the birth of her youngest child, her marriage and divorce to Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), a cat fight with Rebecca Napier (Jane Hall) and the imprisonment of her daughter Steph. 

This time, Lyn is set to shake up Erinsborough when she arrives to help Steph reconnect with her son Charlie (Xander McGuire). Her goal seems simple enough, however things never go to plan for the residents of Ramsay Street.  

 Janet said: “It is always a delight coming back to Neighbours and let’s be honest, you can never have too many Scullys on Ramsay Street.”

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said: “Janet brings enormous energy to the character of Lyn Scully. She is a Ramsay Street legend and we love having her back.”

Janet will return to screens Monday, 1 February at 6.30pm on Eleven .


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