Jamie’s Ultimate Veg comes to 10 tomorrow

 Jamie’s Ultimate Veg comes to 10 tomorrow

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver returns to 10 this Thursday, to encourage meat-eaters and vegetarians alike to put veggies front and centre.

Jamie’s Ultimate Veg finds fresh inspiration from the most culturally-exotic locations on earth to see how they treat plant-based foods, Jamie brings back unique techniques and flavours to the kitchen.

On his food safari, he’ll prepare vegetable dishes on an epic scale in India, experience the madness of street food in the Middle East, sample salivating breakfasts in Tel Aviv and is spoilt for choice in Jerusalem spice markets.

Using state-of-the art cameras and stunning food photography, Jamie will bring to life glorious meat-free combinations and new ideas with beautiful, accessible recipes for viewers to try at home.

From a mac ‘n’ cheese full of greens and a veggie chilli with a zingy salsa to a scruffy eggplant lasagne, there’s something for everyone on Jamie’s Ultimate Veg.

Jamie’s Ultimate Veg. airs Thursday At 7.30pm on 10