Australian Cricket Legend Revealed As The Masked Singer Parrot.

Australian Cricket Legend Revealed As The Masked Singer Parrot.

Last night The Masked Singer unveiled the Parrot to be none other than Brett Lee.

In the first performance of the night, a small but fierce Dragon gave an upbeat performance of Sheppard’s Geronimo in his Face Off against Monster. Despite his best efforts, the battle belonged to Monster, as her powerful performance of Aretha Franklin’s Think saw her take out the win.

The monstrous figure behind Rhino gave George Ezra’s Shotgun his best shot, but his Face Off round went to the majestic Lion. Strutting the stage with her rendition of Panic! At The Disco’s High Hopes, Lion had the guessing panel and the audience dazzled.

Performing Australian pub-rock classic, What’s My Scene?  by the Hoodoo Gurus, Brett did his best to shake a tail feather, but his squawk just wasn’t up to scratch for the audience and judging panel.  

Brett found himself in the bottom three after being defeated in his Face Off with Spider who belted out a very dramatic performance of Britney Spears’ Toxic.

Before he revealed his identity, the judging panel of Jackie O, Lindsay Lohan, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue all had their final stabs at who it could be the singing budgie.

While Dave and Dannii were convinced they were in the presence of fellow cricketer, Shane “Warnie” Warne, Jackie took a bid on it being The Honeybadger, Nick Cummins, and Lindsay Lohan’s hot tip was pro-surfer, Kelly Slater.


After Brett removed his mask, host Osher Günsberg asked what his kids will think of him being on the show.

Brett was already looking forward to watching it back with his family and said: “When we watch it with our whole family, they’ll be going “what?!” I can’t wait until my parents see it. I cannot wait…surprise!”

While Brett might be packing up his kit bag and heading home, the Masked Singer journey continues for the remaining entertainers from tonight’s show.

 As for guessing who is under the masks in this episode, I have no idea. 


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