Jake jumps out of Big Brother House

Finally no more rapping is  to be heard in the Big Brother House

With one final rap on the steps, Queensland graphic design student Jake left the Big Brother House for good.

Sitting with host Sonia Kruger, Jake confirmed that one of the highlights of his time in the House was the moment Lawson and Aisha gave him $5,000. Chatting about his rumoured love triangle with Lisa and Skye, Jake told Sonia that “emotions are heightened in the House … you can have instant connections with people and then there are people you grow to like”. Asked who he would choose between Lisa and Skye, Jake said: “Both girls are amazing but I think I would choose the older woman, Lisa.”


Queensland coffee shop girl Skye was the most popular nominated Housemate, attracting 27 per cent of votes-to-save, which now leaves the five remaining Housemates nominated to battle it out for another 24 hours.

Tonight  from 8.40pm a fifth Housemate will be evicted live from the Big Brother House at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.


 To keep your favourite Housemate in the Big Brother House, Australia needs to vote to SAVE.


Call the numbers below to save your favourite Housemates:

 David               1902 55 95 03

Travis              1902 55 95 16

Cat                  1902 55 95 02

Lisa                 1902 55 95 11

Aisha               1902 55 95 01



To save your favourite Housemate, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time.


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