Eleven gets ready for the Freak Show

Eleven gets ready for the Freak Show

The new season of American Horror Story Freak Show is coming just four days after the US,

Starring Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winning actors Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, American Horror Story: Freak Show is being hailed as the most terrifying season yet.

Revealing what we can expect from Jessica Lange’s character Elsa Mars , series co-creator Ryan Murphy said: “Last season, I think [Jessica’s] part was more villainous for sure.

“This season, the thing about Elsa is she’s a very benevolent soul in that her sideshow has been going on since the 1930s.

“What she’s done for 20 years is she goes around to hospitals and jails and rescues these ‘freak’ circus performers who are going to be shipped away to asylums and she signs the waivers and she becomes their guardians. So she loves them and takes care of them. She’s sort of like the mama of all of them.

“She’s trying to do anything to keep this freak show going because where are these people going to go? In her way, she relates to them and feels like she’s one of them as well,” he said.

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