Jack is Held Accountable

Jack is Held Accountable

It’s the morning of the third Commitment Ceremony and as the couples face another day in the experiment, JACK is once again a hot topic of discussion, after a heated dinner table argument last night culminated in JACK directing JONATHAN to ‘muzzle your wife’.

The first couple on the couch is LUCINDA and TIMOTHY and despite sharing they had a good week of ‘spontaneous adventures’, LUCINDA admits that she’s not feeling desired, and TIMOTHY is left feeling blindsided. As the level of intimacy remains stagnant, TIMOTHY is questioned by the experts and is officially put on notice. JAYDEN also takes the opportunity to school TIMOTHY accountable which leaves TIMOTHY frustrated and furious. As they head back to the couch, TIMOTHY warns LUCINDA not to talk to him.

A loved-up EDEN and JAYDEN can’t get enough of each other and are all smiles on the couch. After bringing some lightness and laughter into their relationship, SARA and TIM are also riding high this week. JADE and RIDGE’s first time on the couch is a positive experience as the pair discuss their compatibility and physical intimacy, it’s clear that RIDGE is smitten with his new wife. All couples unanimously choose to stay.

The evening takes a turn as TRISTAN and CASSANDRA make a sombre appearance on the couch after an incredibly emotional week. Despite making some advances in their relationship, TRISTAN is clouded by doubt and unable to see a future with CASSANDRA that exists past the friend zone. In a devastating blow that CASSANDRA didn’t see coming, TRISTAN writes leave. With the help of the experts and his wife, TRISTAN recognises that his lack of confidence is holding back their potential to move past friendship – he apologises profusely and expresses his regret for writing leave.

After a slightly trepidatious start to the experiment MICHAEL and STEPHEN are taking the experiment day by day but STEPHEN’s walls are proving problematic for MICHAEL as they progress forward in their relationship. Hung up on feeling like he’s ‘second choice’, STEPHEN is guarded and worried, despite MICHAEL’s attempts to reassure him. However, both reveal a genuine attraction is growing and decide to stay. They agree to follow the advice of the experts by getting out of their heads.

ELLIE has finally had enough of BEN’s inauthenticity, and the pair have a turbulent time on the couch. ELLIE says she feels as though she’s lost her voice, and this is not the stability she was searching for in a partner prior to coming into the experiment. The experts push BEN and question his intentions based on his actions so far. BEN writes stay, but ELLIE puts BEN on notice by writing leave.

A saddened ANDREA and RICHARD also have a confronting couch session, as for the first time, they reveal there are cracks in their relationship, when ANDREA admits her “bubble has burst”. Despite ANDREA’s concerns and RICHARD feeling as though his love may be unrequited, both make the emotional choice to stay.

After a tumultuous Honeymoon, the future of MADELEINE and ASH’s relationship remains uncertain at best. ASH is frustrated and confused on the couch as he rehashes the week that was and MADELEINE defends her deep desires to find a true love. In the end, they cannot see eye-to-eye and ASH is left blindsided by MADELEINE’s decision to leave the experiment.

JONATHAN and LAUREN were at the centre of muzzle-gate last night, and despite JONATHAN’s promise to support LAUREN moving forward, JONATHAN chooses his moment to turn his apology towards TORI and JACK for ruining their evening, which leaves LAUREN, and the experts, reeling. But it’s not just JONATHAN’s lack of support that comes under fire from the experts, all the grooms are held accountable for their silence and lack of action last night, as the gravitas of the comment finally sinks in. Despite their differing opinions, both choose to stay another week.

The final couple on the couch is TORI and JACK. Despite presenting yet another united front, it’s JACK’s comments and actions at last night’s Dinner Party which leave the experts appalled, causing them to question his behaviour and his character. Finally Tori’s rose-tinted glasses start to slip as she ponders JACK’s controversial comments, but ultimately, they choose to stay in the experiment.


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