Family and Friends Shake up MAFS

After an intense Commitment Ceremony last night, one bride has been unable to locate her husband. Since issuing BEN a warning by writing leave last night, ELLIE is unable to find him, and it’s unclear how he will use the next week to turn their relationship around.

LAUREN and JONATHAN are struggling to get back on track after the events of the past week. LAUREN is still feeling unsupported by her husband after the unsavoury comments JACK made towards her at the last Dinner Party. The wound cut deeper when, at last nights’ Commitment Ceremony, JONATHAN apologised to TORI and JACK rather than LAUREN.

LUCINDA and TIMOTHY are waking up in separate apartments after their tense session on the couch, where the experts called the couple out on their slow-burn style. TIMOTHY feels blindsided by LUCINDA because she agreed with the experts, despite the positive week they had enjoyed together. The argument couldn’t come at a worse time for the couple, who head into meeting up with family and friends on very shaky ground.

TORI and JACK are out to prove the legitimacy of their relationship by getting matching tattoos, before meeting with TORI’S best friend LEA, who harboured doubts about JACK on the wedding day. Their relationship comes under fire once more, with LEA learning about the unsavoury comments JACK has made towards other women in the experiment, along with the absence of intimacy in their relationship.

Meanwhile, the newest couples to enter the experiment are taking the next step in their relationships by moving in together and tackling the relationship Crash Course: a set of tasks designed to expedite their progress in the experiment. But as two couples approach the tasks together, Ash and Madaline have decided to call it quits, leaving the experiment altogether.

JADE opens up to RIDGE in a vulnerable confession letter, and STEPHEN and MICHAEL get closer during the ‘melted hug’ task, set by Alessandra.

On the Gold Coast, a loved-up EDEN and JAYDEN are keen to share their progress in the experiment with their Family and Friends, revealing that they are well on their way to falling in love.

LUCINDA and TIMOTHY come together for the first time since their fight and a discussion in the car leads to another argument that spills into their gathering. But with some sage advice from LUCINDA’s father, TIMOTHY regains his sense of humour and realises the importance of lowering his walls to progress his relationship.


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