It’s Time For The Stand-Up Comedians To Sit Down.

It’s Time For The Stand-Up Comedians To Sit Down.

In Langkawi, Malaysia, nine teams embarked on the fourth leg of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. This island paradise tested the celebrities both physically and mentally, but unfortunately it was no laughing matter for Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn, whose time on the Race was over. Here’s what went down…

At the Detour, teams had to choose between Eagle Eye or Mai Tai. Channelling some Nelly Furtado I’m Like a Bird vibes, teams who chose Eagle Eye had to soar, via tandem parasail, above the archipelago in search of an eagle artwork located on a floating pontoon before tracking down the matching eagle trinket back on the beach.

If teams chose Mai Tai, all they needed to do was neck a Mai Tai. Just kidding, what show do you think this is? This island paradise is full of five-star resorts and luxury boats, it’s the kind of place our celebrities would like to hang out and enjoy the five star service, but today they took on the role of waiters, delivering cocktails via a stand up paddle board.

Jackie’s psychic powers had a day off, after she and Ben failed in their first attempt at correctly choosing the eagle trinket and had to line up for another crack. Meanwhile, Darren and Tristan were off to a flying start after nailing it in the first attempt.

It’s no doubt that Bec and Kate are accustomed to making cocktails and drinking cocktails but serving cocktails via paddle boarding? Well, it seems the ladies can add that to their cocktail repertoire after making it to the end without spilling a drop.

Since George and Pam were the last team to arrive at the last Pit Stop but were not eliminated, they had to complete a penalty challenge. At the Speed Bump, they had to fill two large hessian sacks with trash before they could continue to the Detour. They did the dirty work and headed for cocktail hour, but as any Survivor fan knows, George is not great at balancing his body, capsizing multiple times. A swap of paddler and cocktail holder, saw them compete the challenge, but they remained in last position.

Next, venturing deep into the jungle, the celebs came face to face with thousands of bats in order to retrieve their next clue.

At the Road Block, one team member was tasked with replicating an intricate fruit hamper, including the decorative bows and ribbons. A frustrating challenge became quite the equaliser with all teams struggling to complete the task.

After a hectic day of racing, Darren and Tristan were first to arrive at the Pit Stop, before Beau dropped the bombshell that this was a Virtual Pit Stop, and teams had to read the next clue and continue racing… and didn’t they love Beau for it.

It was one of the tightest races to the finish so far, and sadly a wrong turn for Peter and Frankie saw George and Pam overtake them, eliminating the Father Daughter duo from the race.


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