Block Body Corporate gets Heated

Block Body Corporate gets Heated

A dramatic body corporate rocks The Block, after simmering tensions explode between Ash in House No.2 and Kristy in House No.3.

The body corporate is called by Leslie to discuss Brett’s plan to flip House No.3’s  front yard and backyard for judging, all because he wants to present his pool in the final week.

It soon becomes clear that isn’t going to pass the body corporate, and it’s then the slanging match between Kristy and Ash begins.

Ash’s issue is that Kristy has been flat out ignoring him and Leah, he wants the relationship to be civil leading into the final two weeks of The Block.

It gets super heated between the two, insults fly between the two as the other Blockheads look on awkwardly.

During the argument, Leah finds out that Kristy and Brett have asked their tilers to do their waterproofing and Leah isn’t having any of it. She gives the tilers an ultimatum, if you work with Kristy and Brett, their working relationship is over.

In the end the other Blockheads leave and Kristy and Ash kind of sort things out, but Leah isn’t having any of it. She is disgusted at Kristy for talking trash to her husband.

Meanwhile there is some renovation going on, our Blockheads are continuing to build their bathrooms and re do rooms.

They get a challenge call from Arnotts biscuits. The challenge is called It’s A Blockout. They meet Leila McKinnon the host of Aussie Ninja Warrior at a winery and get told about an obstacle challenge they have to complete for $10,000.

Watching the Blockheads absolutely smash themselves on inflatables is going to be excellent. But watching their loved ones watch them smash themselves is even better.

So, Scott Cam springs a massive surprise on everyone and suddenly announces there will be an audience today… and it’s everyone’s families!

t’s Steph and Gian who win… another $10,000.

“And everyone was so over the moon,” says Leslie drily.

“Just what they need,” Liberty jokes. “Whoa… $100,000 [of prize money] in two weeks! That’s outrageous!”

But they are all smiling about one thing and that’s the fact everyone is coming back to The Block for a sleepover.

Steph and Gian explain how grateful they are for the friendship they have with them and add that they’ve been upset that their friends have had to scale back their landscaping plans due to budget constraints.

They reveal they want to gift them $5000 of their prize money. “It’s not a patronising thing,” Gian stresses, adding he is “blessed and grateful”.


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