Interview August 13

Interview August 13

Tomorrow night Andrew Denton closes out his second season of Interview with Julie Bishop.

If most Australians can agree about one thing, it’s that we’re not very impressed by our politicians.

Julie Bishop is one of the very few exceptions to the rule. A smart, stylish woman, she represented us on the world stage as foreign minister with great dignity and brought the same calm to her role as deputy leader through a decade of turmoil.

In her first long-form interview since the end of her political career, Andrew asks Julie: What it’s like to be a foreign minister, dealing with bullies and dictators and permanent jet lag and the saddest of international tragedies; How difficult it is to be a female minister in a cabinet where you’re surrounded by not just men, but men with often outsized egos; How she has used her fashion choices to make subtle and unsubtle political statements;

And how it feels when you’re the most electable alternative to the recently deposed Malcolm Turnbull, streets ahead in the public polls, and your party doesn’t choose you.

Tuesday August 13 at 8.30pm on Seven